President’s Message

We know that change is inevitable. A person can work faithfully for 35 years in a factory, have it close unexpectedly, and be suddenly unemployed with no retirement income. Another may have been born in a refugee camp because their native home was controlled by a violent military junta and recently been invited to live in Fort Wayne as a refugee.

Many people living in the Fort Wayne / Allen County Indiana area lack even the most basic computer job skills: some even lack basic ability to communicate easily in American English, and yet they must somehow work to support themselves. A person cannot even apply for a job many times unless he or she uses a computer to do so. So you are a veteran returning from deployment or a displaced older worker or a refugee with no money, how do you get computer job skills?

Adult Life Training, Inc. provides computer job skills training which is free to the general public. We help people re-enter the workforce by teaching them the basic computer job skills required for most jobs. We have a formal curriculum and enrollment. Since January 2004 we have provided instruction to many hundreds of students, many who have never used a computer before. We teach using BOTH the new Linux and Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office 2007 and Libre Office, Internet searches and browsing including job searches, e-mail, and instant messaging with Microsoft Internet Explorer, the wildly popular FireFox, and the new Google Chrome browsers. This trains our students in ALL the most popular office software suites, so that their resumes can truthfully show they are job-ready.

Computer Job Skills are easy to learn if you have a patient, knowledgeable instructor. You too can live with dignity and purpose. Hundreds of people can agree: they know more now than they ever thought they could learn. We can help you too. Call or visit for more information.