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Seniors and wounded warriors are welcome here.

We offer free downloads of most of our manuals and a beginners manual that can be read on-line. We also have free evening classes in small groups with a patient and skilled instructor, and in some cases, for a fee, individual time with a personal instructor.

We teach both Microsoft Windows and the new Linux: Spreadsheets, Word Processing, and Presentations using both Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) and the new Libre Office (Writer, Calc, Impress) software suites. Our students learn from the beginning in a small group with a skilled and patient instructor.

We know that change is inevitable. A person can work faithfully for 35 years in a factory, have it close unexpectedly, and be suddenly unemployed with no retirement income. Another may be a Warrior in our Indiana Guard who has just finished their 3rd in-country deployment and returned home to find their former employer, using manipulations to circumvent the law, has deleted their job. Yet another may have been born in a refugee camp because their native home is controlled by a violent military junta and recently been invited to live in Fort Wayne as a refugee.

All need help building their job skills and entering or re-entering the workforce so they can support themselves with a bit of dignity.

That is where we can help. We provide Free Computer Training in Fort Wayne Indiana. Through our articulation with the Indiana Department of Workforce Development we also can create an account for you on the WIN system to build your hard job skills: reading, writing, and locating information.

Free computer manuals are available from our Computer Classes page and information about us is available from our About Us page. We also have resources for other non-profits interested in providing services like our Computer Job Skills Training. You can see these and more in the MENU across the top of this page.

Some of the menu items you can see above, and the information they provide are:

This page has our up to date news and other items of interest. It is the page you normally land upon when you browse to our web site at http://alt-fw.org.
About Us
This page tells a little about us and provides links to our defining principals, such as a message from our president, and our mission and impact statements.
The Adult Life Training, Inc. Advisory Board meets weekly on Wednesday at 3:00PM in ALC Room 136. Minutes for each week are on this page, with most recent on top.
Computer Classes
We are open Tuesday through Friday from 9:00 until 4:00 Eastern Daylight Time. During much of this time we are engaged in planned activities for our volunteers and staff, part of which involves training the public in computer job skills. This page contains links to information on some of our programs, including a Free on-line Computer Beginner’s Book and Free Computer Manuals for download. All manuals are provided AS IS under a Creative Commons Attribution License.
501(C)(3) Info
These documents are provided for public disclosure under IRS rules, and to help those starting or trying to understand operation of a Public Charity. Reuse of any document is strictly AT YOUR OWN RISK. When in doubt, seek professional advice.
As part of our commitment to transparency and to our operation as a pilot project intended to be duplicated in other organizations, this page contains links to our documentation for public disclosure and resources for non-profit organizations. More resources are added to this library from time to time. All use is free, but AT YOUR OWN RISK.
This resource shows some of the other families and organizations who are helping us to improve our community together.
This resource shows some of the other area agencies with which we cooperate to improve our community together and to avoid duplication of services.
This resource discloses our Privacy Agreement — something you should look for on every web site.
This resource shows how to contact us and provides a Google Map to our geographic location.