On-Line Class Manuals

Members of the community can learn basic computer job skills with our free computer classes: they are available as on-line web books, books for free download, and instructor-lead training at our location. To use the On-Line manuals please navigate with the menu bar at the top.

We teach the most basic operation of the computer and office software such as spreadsheets and word processing for people who have never used a computer before. At Adult Life Training we are helping people get started who have never touched a computer before and may even be afraid of it.

The manuals used in these classes are provided through the menu above — point at Basic Computer Classes and a new menu will “fly out” listing the available on-line manuals — you then follow the manual on your computer screen. Our manuals are also available for free download and may be used or reproduced intact without payment under the Creative Commons Attribution License. Click here to browse the available manuals and download any you want.

These are very basic classes and not represented to replace things such as official Microsoft certified training for Microsoft Excel. This kind of training may be purchased from a number of official Microsoft sources. Most of the people who need us cannot turn on a computer properly and would not receive any value from attending such for-pay training — yet. When they have completed our classes then many of them can continue to improve themselves through more advanced training. That is what we do: we help people get started so that they can get back into the main stream of life.

Please come any Tuesday at 9:00 exclusive of holidays or call us at 260.432.0014 x120 for an appointment.