This drug is really bad: we will not show photos of the result: limbs literally turned gangrenous from the inside out and rotted off with bare bone hanging out and rotting dying meat hanging from the bone. This drug kills the addict within 1 year. No exceptions so far. No cure.

It started in Russia around 2011, and spread through Europe. Apparently Krokodile has arrived in the US. This is a no hope addiction — one hit, permanent addiction: life expectancy 1 year maximum. Rots the flesh off the addicts at the injection site.

We saw this two years ago, starting in Russia and sweeping across Europe, but now it is here.


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Recycling Event

We should be getting about $105 from ACE Recycling plus $7.26 in cash donations collected today. The ALC Revolution Youth pastor said they want to donate all their portion to us. Thank-you everyone! Your generosity is recorded in the Book of Life.

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We collected several gaylords of un-needed electronics that will not be going into the dump.

18 PCs
15 Screens (TV, VDT, Flatscreen) and one huge 6′ TV
7 Notebooks
29 Cell Phone

New Look

The Adult Life Training, Inc. web site now has a new look. We need to use the full screen, and so a three-column format was more desirable than the two-column theme we started using a few years ago. The ExRay theme by Seotemplates was close, and a few CSS changes made it workable.

We now have three columns to make our FaceBook link easily available to site visitors. Don’t know if Google has such an iframe or javascript add on yet: I’ll need to look so that can also be included. We have more Google+ Plussers (10,000) than FaceBook Followers (1,000).

Hopefully now King Geoffrey of Game of Thrones fame will reconsider “having my head’.

Now I need to sort through all the plugins which promise to automate accessibility for mobile devices.