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Kick debt once and for all! Yes—it’s possible. You need to take back control of your money. And with a practical plan, you can. How? We’re giving you (yes, you!) a free membership to Ramsey+, the plan that will help you do things like pay off all of your debt, have cash on hand for emergencies, save your money, and build wealth for the future you want. It’s time to learn how money actually works.  It helped my family and millions of others, and it will help your family too.

Register NOW at https://fpu.com/1136936. The fees have already been paid by a generous grant from 3Rivers Federal Credit Union Foundation.

June 7 through August 9, Mondays at 7:00pm EDT, Financial Peace University will show you how to win and stay winning with your finances. For FREE.  It costs you nothing for this $130 class! This is your time! Register!

Join this Financial Peace University class, and you’ll learn how to take control of your finances, beat debt, and make a plan for your future! Interested? To register FREE for the next class use the link https://fpu.com/1136936. Select any “payment method” because it doesn’t matter: this class is already PAID IN FULL by a generous grant from 3Rivers Federal Credit Union Foundation. You don’t get charged anything. I will receive an automated email that you are registered and then I will email to you a private link to connect with our site license.

Your free membership to FPU includes your member workbook and a free year of Financial Peace Membership, with online tools created to support your journey, all underwritten by a generous grant from the 3Rivers Federal Credit Union Foundation. 3Rivers is Here for you: here for good!

Lesson 1 Baby Step 1 & Budgeting June 07
Lesson 2 Baby Step 2 June 14
Lesson 3 Baby Step 3 June 21
Lesson 4 Baby Steps 4, 5, 6, & 7 June 28
Lesson 5 Buyer Beware July 12
Lesson 6 Understanding Insurance July 19
Lesson 7 Building Wealth July 26
Lesson 8 Real Estate & Mortgages August 02
Lesson 9 Outrageous Generosity August 09

Note: The Ramsey Solutions site license that we purchased covers up to 200 families. If more than 200 people want to sign up it will stop at 200 unless we can arrange to extend our license to cover more people. When you register the Ramsey web site will ask for a payment method, which is irrelevant since your membership is already fully paid, so just pick anything. The site license provides one year of the same full paid Ramsey+ Membership as a person can buy on-line for $130, but it is completely paid through our site license: I send the link to activate through the site license to each family when I see they are enrolled in class through the registration link that I provided.