The following parties have invested in our Allen County, Indiana community with their financial support. NOTE: donors must specify that they desire to be listed, by default donor names are considered private information that is not disclosed.

Private Donors

Several families and private individuals have donated anywhere from a few cents to a few hundred dollars. Since they mostly prefer to remain anonymous, we express our thanks here without naming any. If you wish to help us help our community, send your donation to Adult Life Training, Inc., 3301 E Coliseum Blvd, Fort Wayne, IN 46805, use the PayPal DONATE button at the top of all our web pages, or drop by and place it into the donation box on the Community Room wall. Thank-you for helping!

Foundations and Granting Authorities

3Rivers Federal Credit Union Foundation

3Rivers Federal Credit Union has served this community since 1935 and is committed to supporting the people and programs that support their mission and move this community forward. The mission of the 3Rivers Credit Union Foundation is to enhance the lives of people in the communities 3Rivers serves through the support of 3 key initiatives: financial literacy, education, and health and wellness.

In January 2016 3Rivers provided generous funding that allowed us to update our computer workstations and to purchase curriculum for Financial Literacy that is helping a great deal as we work to improve our community through training, mentorship, and example. In March 2018 they again underwrote Financial Literacy curriculum and some upgrades to the instructor’s computer. See more information on their web site at

Microsoft Corporation

One of the dominant global software providers, Microsoft Corporation has a very active philanthropy process. Using the organization to vet public charities, Microsoft donates licenses for its products to create social and economic impact for a better tomorrow today. We have received many thousands of dollars worth of licenses, for example for Windows 10 Enterprise, Office 2016, and the cloud based Office365 services. See more information on their web site at

Employees of Aetna Insurance

Through an awesome food drive in 2015, the employees of a local Aetna Insurance office provided coffee, tea, and related supplies that lasted into the spring of this year. Through a matching grant from their corporate offices we were able to purchase two 32 inch video screens that allowed our students to SEE what the instructor was doing and FOLLOW on their own workstations. This was a drastic improvement over prior conditions where the instructor had to verbally explain what to do, and walk to each individual student and individually pointing to each detail on each student’s screen. In 2016 the corporate office sent yet another smaller grant that allows us to purchase coffee and milk for most of this year. For more information, or to find an office near you, we recommend that you see their web site at

Wine & Canvas Studio

With the love of art and entertainment it’s no wonder that a bottle or two of wine would get involved to create Wine and Canvas! Wine and Canvas is not just a paint class: it is Art Entertainment at its finest. Awesome local artists, great customer service and beautiful surroundings make for an amazing experience that you don’t find anywhere else.

Local artists in each city inspire and instruct Wine and Canvas customers step-by-step to create their finished masterpiece. They host many events monthly with a different featured painting each night. With a step-by-step instruction method even customers without a stroke of painting experience are at ease.

Leave your cares at the door and dive in to the paint party! Best part you take your artwork with you and leave the clean up behind! They are located in Covington Plaza at Wine and Canvas Studio, 6410 W. Jefferson Blvd. Ste 7B, Fort Wayne, IN 46804 Phone: (260) 444-9441. See more information on their web site at

My PHD Pretty House Designs

The Lunas at My PHD completely stripped and redesigned our training office, brought in furniture, and hand crafted some rather unique art to exorcise out the drab junk closet appearance we had with our hand-me-down beggars furniture and replace it with new furnishings to reflect our state of the art training business. We now have a nice, professional looking office space where our staff and individually trained students can sit in productive inspired comfort as they work. They’d love to help your home or office too. See more information on their web site at

A Plus Computers, Inc.

A Plus Computers has been in town here for years — we always visit them to buy our ball-bearing coolers. Recently Majic 95.1 ran their Majic Christmas Wish event in which someone pointed out our need for newer computers for our small-groups training lab. A Plus Computers donated three gently used machines complete with windows XP licenses, LCD monitors, keyboards and mice. This was a total surprise and we can use it to replace some of the 10-15 year old computers we have been using. See more information on A Plus’ web site at To read more about Majic 95.1 see their web site here.

The Verizon Foundation

Verizon helped fund the The Back to Work 2010 Project with the donation of two new 55″ LED LCD monitors, a sound system and speakers, a new quad-core computer for the instructor, wiring, and parts and labor to upgrade the lab electrical wiring for the new equipment.

Live Wire Electric, Inc.

Live Wire Electric, Inc. donated a pile of labor to upgrade our lab electrical fixtures, so if anyone needs electrical work done, feel free to call 260.456.1400 or email alschoeff@frontier.comto schedule an estimate.