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Agenda for Next Board Meeting April 8

To read the minutes from either board’s meetings, from the top menu select Minutes, then the board. To read financial reports or volunteer’s curricula vitae, from the top menu select About Us and then the item of interest to you.

Items on the Agenda for Next Adult Life Training, Inc. Board Meeting

Scheduled meeting date is April 8, after ALC is dismissed. Let’s try to keep it under 45 minutes even tho’ ’tis quite a list.

  1. call to order
  2. opening prayer
  3. acceptance of minutes
  4. financial report
  5. discussions – old & new business
  • Director Email and how to forward
  • Selection of Treasurer and Secretary.
  • Recruiting at least one more Director. Re-seating of Advisory board. Director’s meeting frequency.
  • We have had much success with our Financial Literacy small groups. We need to discuss the best way moving forward to continue this success for our community, including discussion of how much of grant to spend on Ramsey new curricula for youth as well as FPU for adults. Bid from Ramsey.
  • Re-assess how we can best serve our community as the number of interested SCSEP participants is decreasing now that the economy is strengthening.
  • any other business
  1. closing prayer
  2. call to adjourn


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