WIN System

We offer hard skills development using the WIN system. The Indiana Department of Workforce Development (DWD) has contracted with the Worldwide Interactive Network (WIN) to provide job skills training to Indiana Citizens. WIN is a provider of comprehensive online career readiness and work habits (soft skills) training. DWD offers WIN through the WorkOne centers and partner agencies such as Adult Life Training, Inc., as well as to employers and schools, at no cost. WIN replaced KeyTrain after August 31, 2011.

This system is available to all Indiana Citizens from our computer lab as well as from many other locations. If you want to work independently on your job skills in Reading, Math, Locating Information, and other key areas, and you do not already have a WIN account, then we will be happy to make an account for you. You can train at your own pace in our computer lab using your notebook computer or one of our lab computers, or using a computer at many other locations: libraries, WorkOne, many restaurants, bookstores, and so on.

Use of the system is intuitive: it requires very little computer skill other than basic web browser skills. There is no cost to you for your use of this system — stop in for details and a demonstration.