Minutes — Board of Directors

Adult Life Training, Inc. LogoThe Adult Life Training, Inc. Board of Directors meets monthly at pre-announced times in ALC Community Room, 3301 E Coliseum Blvd, Fort Wayne, IN 46805. Minutes for each meeting are appended below, with most recent on top.

Jan 19, 2020  16:30

Present: John Nash, Paula Echols, Jolene Nash, John Nash III (Sabbatical: Philip Lock)

Chair: John Nash

Minutes taken by John III

Called to order: at or about 4:30 PM

Short Discussion – John updates

Need to determine what to do this year – or what not to do.

What has worked for us in the past? In what direction do we feel led?

Reviewed board member suggestions.

Last year’s Senior Aid program went well. It’s dominated our efforts for the past decades. Monday sessions were cut because the ALC organization that donates our occupancy is now closed on Mondays. Our program has been an enormous success with 1/3 to 1/2 of all participants finding unsubsidized work as a result of their participation.

Because unemployment rate is so low, there aren’t enough participants to continue the Senior Aid program right now. We need to adapt our program offerings to fit the community’s current needs.

We’ve provided Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University (FPU) class since year 2016 which our participants found very helpful. Thus far, having data only from those larger groups with three or more families (many are 1-2 families at a time) our FPU members have paid off $520,492 in non-mortgage debt WITHIN THE NINE WEEKS OF THE CLASS SESSIONS. Adult classes are showing good success, but youth classes using the Ramsey Foundation material was not received well by the youth participants. This material is used in some public schools. We may have more success by adapting the adult lessons with material presented by a live person rather than the provided adult or the teen videos. We’ve experimented successfully with holding “flex” adult FPU classes through Skype, but most participants need to meet in-person to get the real benefits of peer support and ongoing encouragement to stick with it and apply the material. Both formats should be used when appropriate to best fit the class member’s needs.

FPU Memberships are a for sale item sold by Ramsey Solutions that provides web site access to the videos and many useful budgeting and investment resources. We’d love to be able to give away memberships, because many of the people who need this program cannot possibly afford the normal $100 – $130 membership fee. We will need grant support to achieve this. Those participants who are reasonably able to pay for a membership should do so. Those who cannot will need help, with discounted fees or a way to pay for it after the classes, when their finances have picked up to the point where they’re able to afford help others. Cited some addictions recovery programs as an example: their participants *need* to pay for treatment as part of taking responsibility for their personal resolution. Requiring some type of payment is essential to the growth and behavioral change – and anything which is received free is valued less than things which have a clear personal cost. Debt is nothing different and recovery and future sustainable success needs a personal sense of accomplishment in taking responsibility and overcoming debt.

We need more participants to become FPU trainers and to help more people as many more are now employed and have income. The financial services debt marketing engine will seek out these new wage earners and aggressively market debt to them using all the traditional baits: you’ve arrived financially when you are in debt with credit cards, student loans are “good debt”, everyone has a car payment, and other self serving disinformation designed to get and keep community members forever giving up most of what they earn to lenders. More than 80% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck regardless of how much they earn. This must end!

The unparalleled success of debt marketing weakens our communities because local money is being shipped out of State to foreign investors instead of being spent locally, and it stresses and demoralizes our community members. We need to convert capable families who complete FPU to pay it ahead by teaching at least one FPU class per year with our help as needed, thus expanding our reach and maximizing our impact. We have access to the leadership training material from Ramsey Solutions and can provide training and support to help new trainers start out and succeed.

Post FPU followup: we discussed next steps for classes we can offer FPU participants when that course is completed. We need to find ways to help sustain progress made in FPU class and to better market/advertise the classes to bring in new people who need help. We’re receiving some volunteer assistance with advertising FPU through the benevolance of the ALC organization that donates our occupancy. Other local 501(C)(3) orgs will likely participate also if we take the point and lead.

Need day-time FPU activities to fill the gap left by the completed Senior Aide program while keeping open the opportunity to start another SCSEP Senior Aide group should one need our help, not only night-time activities for FPU.

Need to work on a leadership training and succession plan and begin bringing in more volunteers, especially those willing and able to take on leadership responsibilities in the organization with a burden for an appropriate area of community service in which we are not yet helping and that does not duplicate resources already available. This is part of defining our longer-term path.

Discussed Friday evening youth gaming / STEM group. Have tried several approaches, but not getting traction on STEM teaching yet: the social group interactions and group gaming in various ways is working nicely. Not clear what direction will best entice our youth to experiment in new STEM areas that they will find interesting. Requests for feedback haven’t produced a clear direction.

Need to prepare next period’s projections and budget. This past period has been successful.

Action Items:

John III to research programs dropped by FWCS for adulting skills formerly taught to teenage foster children.

John to reach out to contacts to ask about similar opportunities

Outside volunteers to work on improving FPU advertising.

Requested help from youth to get more feedback for youth program directions.

Adjourned by consensus around 6:00PM

Next meeting to be Sunday, Feb 16 at about 16:30.

Friday, Jan 25, 2018 7:30PM
Adult Life Training, Inc. Board Meeting

Present: John Nash, Paula Echols, Jolene Nash
Chair: John Nash

Minutes taken by John

Called to order: 7:30PM

Short Discussion – John updates

Directors passwords & login information for their Office 365 accounts

Explanation of Directors Group on Office 365

Explanation & credentials for Microsoft Home Use Program for our employees / Directors through our Software Assurance rights for Office 2019

Discussion : should we drop our connections to Google totally and move our email to Office 365? Undecided – leave it alone for now and use the temporary junk domain alti.world for Office 365

FPU (Ramsey Financial Peace University curricula) dates – Winter Group #1 starting Tues 2/12 7pm (taught by John Nash), FPU-Teen Group #2 starting Monday 3/12 7pm(taught by John Nash or possibly a youthier person), and FPU Group #3 (taught by Christ Ford) starting week of 3/5 with day of week, time, and venue to be decided by Bro. Ford. Instructors will be paid this time, $25/contact hour, $450 per complete FPU series as 1099 per class contract. Group #2 will start week of 3/12 instead of 3/5 as the Nash family must be out of town for 1st grandbaby’s #1 b-day celebration. 3/5 starting date is to coordinate with the ALC organization that donates our occupancy.

Adjourned by consensus 8:30PM

Sunday, July 29, 2018 4:23PM
Adult Life Training, Inc. Board Meeting

Present: John Nash, John Nash 3rd, Jolene Nash
Chair: John Nash

Minutes taken by John

Called to order: 16:23

Short Discussion

Prayer for wisdom

Financial Literacy training

FPU (Ramsey Solutions Financial Peace University curriculum) & GC (Ramsey Solutions Generation Change curriculum) Start Thursday 1st week  October

For GC parents should pre-register their high school student, PayPal $30 each to cover our costs

Advertise FaceBook & Google pay-per-click

Friday Gaming Group

Kids bring snack food

Open after ALC youth prayer to avoid conflicts with ALC programs

Minimum age Jr. High or 12 years old

Start Friday 1st week of September run every other Friday (9/7, 9/21, etc.)

Adjourned by consensus 17:15

Sunday, May 6, 2018 4:30PM
Adult Life Training, Inc. Board Meeting

Present: John Nash, Paula Echols, John Nash 3rd
Chair: John Nash

Minutes taken by John

Called to order: 16:30

Short Discussion

Directors have not yet reviewed GC videos, although several youth have seen them and have very favorable opinion. Directors agreed to preview Ramsey Generation Change videos this week. Not currently possible to make an informed decision about how many (or if) to buy.

Participants and parents involved in the Friday evening LAN Party wish to continue meeting past the ALC end of semester. This is possible but we need a participating Advisory Board to help with the activity. Also will coordinate with Pastor Cole of ALC to avoid scheduling conflicts – LAN Party will meet Friday on weeks ALC youth activities do not meet.

Possible candidates for advisory board were mentioned: Tim P., J & T R. They will be approached this week to understand if they are even interested in being part of this group and if so then to what extent they can help.

Next meeting May 20 after church.

Adjourned by consensus 16:53

NOTE: most if not all ALTi board meetings are intended to be 30 minutes or less. Quality is not achieved by dragging things out. Frequent meetings can be short meetings.

Sunday, March 11, 2018 4:30PM
Adult Life Training, Inc. Board Meeting

Present: John Nash, Jolene Nash, Paula Echols, John Nash 3rd
Chair: John Nash

Minutes taken by John 3.

Called to order: 16:34

Opening prayer

Discussed corporate email accounts. John1 will help people later if the need arrives.

Old Business
Thoughts on recruiting new directors: we will defer this to the next meeting.

Board of Directors sets policy on what to do. Advisory Board offers input on tactical, specific actions to carry out those goals.

Need a board of advisors to handle these lower-level items, especially with input from younger people and demographics we need to serve, e g. FPU for younger people.

Identify who taught the youth financial peace class at ALTI last time. Can we tie this in with what’s been done / is ongoing so we do not duplicate services.

Normally, FPU would be split into adult and teen classes at the same time but in separate groups.

Need a good way to market these classes to the community so we have engagement with the broader community. We have had over 100 people signed up for these programs over the years.

Don’t necessarily need to take over any youth program the church happens to already be doing. Don’t need to duplicate the programs of a larger organization with a larger budget.


In the past, giving the $100 kits to end-clients half didn’t even have it the next week. When the kits were given to social workers, they went into use and had an impact.

In general, FPU doesn’t like making copies of class materials.

Some community members will seek out these classes and purchase the material on their own.

Would targetting youth classes be moving too far from our core “market” of older citizens?

From the beginning, we’ve been open to the community and accepting whomever would come, regardless of age and background. We’ve found an effective outreach program for seniors, but that has been only one constituency, not our core mission. We’ve worked with seniors because they fit well with our capabilities.

Ramsey offers this to schools directly, with larger grants.

A problem of working with other organizations is the “agency effect” in which they seek out the need to get all 100% of grant money.

Grant includes funding both for class material and also for paying instructors.

John1 feels strongly that we need to broaden the demographics we’re helping. Our efficacy with the Senior Aides program has diminished in the past 2 cohorts as people have not been showing up or retaining information. With the economy improving, the population of people looking for work has gone down and de-gentrified. There may not be a need to continue providing this program to this population at this time.

We’ve been getting many more aides assigned to the ALTi program because we’ve been teaching and providing effective training which has consistently brought participants into sustained, unsubsidized employment.

Therefore it’s important to provide help to other populations, many of which don’t require the same kinds of help.

Can support our programs with outside funding and potentially with fees for classes and scholarships and grants which pay for students which cannot afford those modest fees.

Need consistent funding with outside funders which could pay for those people who do not have those fees.

Board members have to push this and help get sources of funding and community buy-in.

Could do cold calls and direct letter marketing of our organization but most effective impacts will come through networking.

ACTION ITEM: Need to formalize and quantify this program and place it prominently on our website so that we can most clearly and credibly communicate this to potential funders. Data is available but must be compiled into this.

Should we expand the focus of our programs to encompass more than teenagers, and reach their families and other demographics?

Need to reach the broader families.

Similarly, look at the impact of the Friday night LAN party on bringing in kids and their families.

Need to remember to build a community and sustain contact with each person after their participation in oen specific class for one semester. Building community will greatly help get new programs going and attract sustained funding.

Need to pick a single focus on build on that. Right now it loooks like FPU / Financial Literacy is a good focus for this organization, community and time.

Need some sort of sustained income to support the organization and establish it.

Need to read thorugh and evaluate available supplemental programs like 16 -18 yo Generation Change program.

Need to ask about the results FPU has seen on impacts to kids continued participation and longer term outcome. Use their sell sheets to see what they’re doing.

ACTION ITEM: Can use volunteer kids from the population of people connected with the organization.

Deferring secretary & treasurer for last.

Next meeting set for May 6 after church.

Sunday, March 11, 2018 4:30PM
Adult Life Training, Inc. Board Meeting

Present: John Nash, Jolene Nash, John Nash 3rd
Chair: John Nash

Minutes taken by John 3.

Convened: 16:22

Old Business

New Business

Meetings have been much delayed due to multiple personal challenges in various board members. Bro. Lock has requested to be temporarily inactive and Sis. Black has requested to be excused. A special effort was made to gather at this meeting.

This is a very short meeting. Another, longer meeting will be scheduled.

We need 2 new board members who are non-family members for greater diversity, better representation and governance.

John nominated Paula Echols, who is willing to serve. Jolene seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

2) Succeeded at receiving the 3 Rivers Grant in the amount of $9,800.00, the amount requested in the grant. We will discuss the distribution and application of these funds at the next meeting.

John 3 is currently serving as treasurer. The duties of the recording secretary, which includes calling the next meeting, will be taken by John 3 until the next meeting. We will decide on officers at the next meeting.

3) We have had much success with our Financial Literacy small groups. We need to discuss at the next meeting the best way to bring this success to our community, particularly by involving the Trustees Office and Fort Wayne Housing Authority, who have worked with us on this in the past.

4) Due to the rapidly improving economy, we are seeing fewer seniors who need help getting employment skills. Catholic Charities is having significant difficulty finding 6 seniors to assign to us. As such, we need to look at our services and re-assess how we can best serve our community. We will discuss this at the next meeting.

The next meeting date has been set for Sunday April 8, 2018, in the Adult Life Training office, following the close of the church service.

We will also discuss candidates for the board of directors and will consider the idea of reestablishing an advisory board. Participation goals for the board of directors would be once per month and for the advisory board would be once per week.

Motion to adjourn raised by John, seconded by Jolene. the motion has passed unanimously.

Thursday, July 30 2015

Adult Life Training, Inc. Boarding Meeting Minutes

Present: John D Nash, Kathleen Black, Philip Lock

Decision made to meet through E-Mail for the month of August to see if this would be more convenient for the Board.

All board members should work on writing updated job description for their positions.

Treasurer will try to remote access the financial database

Delivra has agreed to do promotions for us  Format for e-mails. Frequency: quarterly. First to be released December 2015. Then evaluate from there.

closing prayer

lock motioned to adjourn, black seconded. meeting adjourned.

Thursday, June 25, 2015 6:00PM
Adult Life Training, Inc. Board Meeting

1) Schedule next meeting / work session
2) Senior Aides status; Public Computer Classes status
3) Bro. Lock’s remote access to financial database
4) Job Description Receptionist / Instructor
5) Prayer Sessions to ask for funding
6) Delivera.com email fundraising company
7) Adjourn by 7:00PM so Bro. Lock can get to his next meeting (Thursday B-ball outreach)

Present: John Nash, Kathleen Black, Philip Lock, Jolene Nash


Schedule meeting: July 30 2015, 6PM

collected updated e-mail

discussed meeting electronically so we don’t have to meet in person as offen

Job description: Nash suggests Lock and Black write job descriptions of their current positions.

Reviewed job descriptions, agreed to tweak descriptions and e-mail changes in group e-mail.

Agreed to each take set times to pray for financing for this organization.

Discussed using Delivra to do promotion for us. Board decided to proceed. John to report.

Motion to adjourn from Jolene. Lock seconds. Ayes have it. Adjourned at 6: 57 PM.


Monday, June 8, 2015 6:30PM
Adult Life Training, Inc. Board Meeting

Present: John Nash, Kathleen Black, Philip Lock, Jolene Nash
Chair: Bro. Nash

Old Business

New Business

Meetings have been much delayed due to multiple personal challenges in various board members. A special effort was made to gather at this meeting.

This is a very short meeting as ALC service starts in 1/2 hour. Another, longer meeting will be scheduled.

Minutes are being kept on paper by Sis. Black for later transfer to computer.

Schedule Next Meeting: Thursday June 25, 2015 6:00PM
Moved: Sis. Nash
Second: Sis. Black
Motion Carried

Re-elect existing board and officers for 2015.
Moved: Sis. Nash
Second: Sis. Black
Motion Carried

Bro. Lock: needs remote access to the corporation’s local books — financial database so he can work from home. Bro. Nash will arrange.

Bro. Nash:

1. Received Donations from Aetna and Wine & Canvas businesses: $200 cash from Wine & Canvas fundraiser sponsired by Aetna, a significant supply of coffee and related hospitality items and about two cases of printer paper from the employees at Aetna Insurance on Coliseum Blvd., and the promise of a $1,000 donation from Aetna Insurance corporate offices which is still in process at this time. Additional funding is needed to continue operations.

2. There is a serious need for income for first paid staff. Sis. Kerri Packer helped briefly in this capacity but cannot donate her time daily without pay. Jennifer Perkins has donate much time in this capacity and also transports the Burmese / Karen youth to the weekly event here, but she cannot afford to help daily without pay. The Nash family has sacrificed for 12 years without pay to launch this work and cannot survive much longer without some kind of financial income.

Lack of paid staff is preventing us from offering more classes and Bro. Nash is burning out from doing most everything alone and his family is suffering from over a decade of no income from his full time work.

Discussion ensued. Bro. Nash is to have a job description for the needed first staff for discussion in the next meeting. This will be a combination Instructor / Receptionist person.

Motion to adjourn
Moved: Sis. Black
Seconded: Bro. Lock
Vote: carried

Wednesday, October 30, 2013
Adult Life Training, Inc. Board Meeting

Present: John Nash, Kathleen Black, Philip Lock, Jolene Nash

Absent:Attwanna Crawford

Schedule Next Meeting:

Old Business

New Business

Motion to Re-elect John Nash as CEO
Moved:Jolene Nash
Seconded:Philip Lock
Vote: carried

Discussion on whether to add Philip Lock as CIO. Discussion tabled until next meeting.

Motion to Reinstate Kathleen Black, Philip Lock, Jolene Nash Active / Release Attwanna Crawford Inactive Board Member

Attwanna has served for several years and has now moved to South Bend. We are thankful for her years of service. Kathleen Black, Philip Lock, Jolene Nash, and John Nash are still able to serve. Motion to re-appoint them to the board of directors for another year.
Moved:Philp Lock
Seconded: Jolene Nash
Vote: carried

Treasurer’s Report
Current bank account status – Checking $39.42, Savings $105, net income Jan-Oct 2013 is $187.01
Changes from last year – Significantly better than last year.

Moved to accept Treasurer’s Report: Jolene Nash
Seconded Philip Lock
Motion carried

President’s Report
Number of and Attendance at Computer Classes
Monday Afternoon – John Nash 3rd (2-3)
Monday Night – John Nash (2-3)
Tuesday Afternoon – John Nash 3rd (2)

Karen (Burmese) Youth Event
# Regular Volunteers (4) Mary Grepke, Jennifer Perkins, John Nash 3rd, John Nash
# Youth 11-14 on average
Kind of activities used – reviewed the program plans used over the summer 2013 to present
Needs: transportation

Philip Lock: We need a written statement on how Karen programming fits in with goals of ALTI. Board agreed.

Recycling Event Results
Lab Computers upgraded – At least 2 GB RAM and Flat Screens now on all our computers, thanks to parts available from ACE Recycling for a price we could pay — offset against the money we were due for recycled goods. Check received last week for $210, half of which was due to the ALC Revolution Youth group for their help, as agreed.

Motion to allow future board meetings to be conducted electronically, on-line posts in group area on FaceBook or Google Plus, with one annual meeting face to face in case IRC requirements will not recognize an on-line meeting.
Moved: Kathleen Black
Seconded: Jolene Nash
Vote: carried

Motion to adjourn
Moved:Kathleen Black
Seconded: Philp Lock
Vote: carried or failed

Must reschedule due to lack of quorum

Agenda for next meeting, date 07/25/12, 6 pm

Present: John Nash, Attwanna Crawford ????
Kathleen cannot be here tonight due to family emergency
Philip unable to make it
Jolene unable to make it due to work


Present: John Nash, Kathleen Black, Philip Lock

Set next meeting date: Kathleen Black
Next meeting will be held:July 25, 2012 6 pm

Old Business
– board mail boxes and e-mail addys, email account info and training — John Nash (demo & account sheets)
– Question: Should we change our email service to GMail corporate?

Philip Lock motion to switch e-mail to Google g-mail

Kathleen Black seconds

Motion carries

New Business
-Needed items — Tech Soup: Windows 7, Office 2010, (for coverage and the 2-year ‘software assurance’ support package)

Other Discussion? Need to define our goals with each program we’re involved in, as well as our over all mission.

Motion to Adjourn:
Moved by:Philip Lock
Seconded:Kathleen Black

Adult Life Training Board of Directors
Wednesday Apr 25, 2012 6:00-7:00pm(rescheduled from Sunday 4/22)

Meeting outline

Call to order — John Nash

Present: John Nash, Kathleen Black, Philip Lock, Cammy Fox

Schedule Next meeting — Kathleen Black
Date 06/06/12, 6 pm

Old Business

-board mail boxes and e-mail addys
–account info and training — John Nash (demo & account sheets)

-lab painting needed, still needs finished

-Are Taxes Done Yet? — Philip Lock Need to set VPN, so Philip can work from home, should be mailed this week

New Business

–Planning: John & Jolene wish to travel May 22-29 to visit son Jordan for his birthday at Tinker AFB near Oklahoma City, OK — will need replacements to run programs that week, need to have driver

–Request from ALC / Jim Yoder, c/w Pastor Keller: please add IMPACT Community Work Experience Program

-Needed items — Tech Soup: Windows 7, Office 2010, (for coverage and the 2-year ‘software assurance’ support package), Dell Phones for Board Members

-Financials — John Nash

-current programs
–alc tega (new)
–Senior Aides: Leadercast Friday, May 4
–atr: Operation Immersion May 9-11
–karen youth — need 2 more volunteers for transportation
–senior aides: training is complete, they are working on light cleaning at ALC under Bro. Kurtz now
–walk-in public classes: Monday evening class working on Spreadsheets

-this year program is “Back to Work 2012” Needs:
–five and ten year plan
–funding for first paid staff
–funding for office supplies
–grantstation access paid for but unused lapsed — wasted $99 again due to staff shortage

Any other new or old business

Move / vote to adjourn
Moved by:Philip

Adult Life Training Board of Directors/Advisory Board meeting
Wednesday Feb 22, 2012 6:00-7:00pm

Meeting outline

Call to order — John Nash

Present: John Nash Kathleen Black Attwanna Crawford
Jolene Nash

Schedule Next meeting — Kathleen Black

April 22, 2012  After Church Service app 5 pm

Old Business

New Business

President’s Annual Report — Nash

-Entity Report — John submitted it before we were “Adminstratively Dissolved” by Indiana

-LID calendars

-HRBlock Tax S/W on RM 136 PC for use?

-board mail boxes and e-mail addys
–account info and training

-lab changes / upgrades last year
–painting needed
–copier paper (1 bag) needed, Attwanna to donate, also need envelopes

-current programs
–atr — continue
–karen youth — continue, need 2 more volunteers for transportation
–senior aides — administrative action last week — continue
–walk-in & public classes — Monday evening class finished beginners and formatting text modules
–Are there ideas for new programs that we should add? Ideas who should lead each?

Because we are restricted to 60 minutes in this meeting, we need a real work session together, possibly electronically, to decide how to address each of these things.

-board of directors
–monthly meetings focus on achievement of purpose
–has oversight – sets policy
–fund raises
–appoints ceo who hires remaining labor

-this year program is “Back to Work 2012” Needs:
–five and ten year plan
–funding for first paid staff
–funding for office supplies
–grantstation access paid for but unused — wasted $99 again due to staff shortage

Any other new or old business

Move / vote to adjourn
Moved by:Black

Meeting called to order by John Nash at 6:57PM
Persons Present:
John Nash, Jolene Nash, Kathleen Black, Philip Lock

Old Business

New Business
*annual report on website
*average year, ended up breaking even, but need funding
*access to recovery brought in most funds in 2011, will be doing that again this year
*next meeting set for feb 22nd 6pm-7pm

Motion to Adjourn
Moved: Kathleen
Second: Jolene
Motion Carried
Adjourned at 7:20pm

Meeting called to order by John Nash at 6:30PM
Persons Present:
John Nash, Jolene Nash, Kathleen Black, Philip Lock, Attawanna Crawford

Read Minutes
Motion to accept: Jolene
Moved:Second: Attwanna
Motion Carried
Financial Report: Philip Lock, Treasurer
Report is tentative, pending completion of year end closing

InATR $617.76
Donations $464.23
Interest earned $0.34
Total Revenue $1,082.33
1099 Contractors $45.00
Jennifer Perkins $75.00
John Nash $30.00
Love In Deed $596.86
Office Supplies $38.52
Postage $36.07
Software Licenses $159.00
Staff Meeting $170.94
Training $29.00
Transportation Expense $77.98
Total Expenses $1,258.37
Net loss for Period $176.04

Move to accept Jolene, Kathleen 2nds, motion carries

Old Business

HR expert Andrew Delaney reviewed our participant handbook standard procedures and a few changes were made. Revised handbook is posted for AS IS use by other charities on our resources page. Our thanks to Bro. Delaney for taking time to help us with this important resource.

New Business
Reelect officers, had discussion, philip moves to retain, jolene 2nds
motion carries:

Officers for 2012 are:

John Nash, President and CEO
Kathleen Black, Secretary
Philip Lock, Treasurer
Attwanna Crawford, Jolene Nash, Board members
Robert Crawford is unable to continue to serve on the board, and is bowing out until further notice.

John discussed the purpose of the board (governing and finanicial oversight) and the need for the board to actively look for opportunities for persons and organizations in the area to help this important work through funding and other donations.

Discussed scheduling next meetings, January 25 chosen.

Philip Lock asked about remote access to accounting program and John will help him connect when he brings in his computer.

Motion to Adjourn
Moved: Kathleen
Second: Jolene
Motion Carried
Adjourned at 7:00pm