501(c)(3) Info

ALTi PC Status with IRS

Adult Life Training, Inc. is a recognized Public Charity exempt from income tax under IRC Section 501(c)(3). Donations to Adult Life Training, Inc. are tax deductible under IRC Section 170. To donate now click the PayPal Donate button!

To check up on credibility of small charities use this link which goes right to the IRS database! For large charities Form 990 data is available from IRS  at this link.

These documents are provided for public disclosure under IRS rules, and to help those starting or trying to understand operation of a Public Charity. Reuse of any document is strictly AT YOUR OWN RISK. When in doubt, seek professional advice. Part of these documents are still awaiting upload.

Determination Letter
Short Form
Long Form

Organizational Formation Documents
These documents are required to form a business as a not-for-profit corporation. They may be downloaded and edited to create your own documents AT YOUR OWN RISK. We suggest you use a lawyer to create these for you as we did. The name and address of the lawyer who created ours is on the last page of the articles. These documents are in the International Standard .ODT format so that anyone can use them with any word processing software.
Articles of Incorporation

Conflict of Interest Policy
Conflict of interest policy

Non Discrimination Policy
Non-discrimination policy

Other Policy
Effectiveness Assessment Policy
Grievance Policy
Drug and Alcohol Policy
Criminal History Check Policy
Confidentiality Policy

The Registered Retail Merchant Certificate
This document is required for all businesses, even those who are not taxable. It is commonly referred to as the “Sales Tax” certificate. Often when your organization desires to buy wholesale, the seller will request a copy of this certificate to verify that you run a legitimate business.
Registered Retail Merchant Certificate

Tax Filings
Although our cash income has always been below $50,000 (we average $2,000 per year) it is still a good idea to file the Federal form 990 and the Indiana form NP-20. We are still scanning some of these for upload. Use this link which goes right to the IRS database!

Federal 990-N (postcard, on-line filing) Year:

Year 2021 990-N
Year 2021 NP-20
Year 2020 990-N
Year 2018-2019 990-N
Year 2017 990-N
Year 2016 990-N & NP-20
Year 2015 NP-20
Year 2015 990-N
Year 2014 990-N
Year 2013 990-N & NP-20
Year 2012 990-N & NP-20
Year 2011 990-N & NP-20
Year 2010 990-N
Year 2010 NP-20
Year 2009 990-N
Year 2009 NP-20
Year 2008 990-N
Year 2007 990-N & NP-20
Year 2006 990-EZ
Year 2005 990-EZ
Year 2004 990-EZ

Form 1023 — Request for Tax Exempt Status
This form is now a dinosaur — you can file for tax exempt status quicker and cheaper by using the on-line form on the IRS.GOV web site. If you decide to download this monster, be aware that it is a very large document.
Year 2004 Form 1023
WARNING: this is a very LARGE file which will require substantial time to load.