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I want this painted on my outside office wall – please, someone!!

At Adult Life Training, Inc. our mission – our vision – is to take people out of their comfort zone, out of their habits of generational social dependency, out of their contentment with handouts – is to take them higher into a new place they have never dared hope they can experience: a place where they have real job skills that are worthy of real pay that they earned, not that they hob nosed and manipulated their way into getting. Our job is to help them see themselves as something far more than they had ever dreamed they could possibly become.

This picture captures the spirit of what we do. My (thus far) unpainted office wall needs something that speaks the things that we do to everyone who walks by. I want this picture painted across the entire wall – a mural so huge it cannot be missed.

And Mr. Musk: thank-you for inspiring us all to soar a little higher with your vision to enable people to settle on other planets. You’ve come a long way from your childhood in South Africa. Iron Man would be proud. And maybe he would photo bomb this … just because, well because he can.

Re-invent past successes

Adult Life Training, Inc. was founded to holistically improve the lives of our community through training, mentorship, and example. One of the tricks for business success that I have taught in university business classes is the skill of re-inventing past successes.

One example of this with which you are already familiar is the situation where video rental stores sales were declining because people dislike traveling to a store to rent video entertainment. The past success was learned through study of another industry, hospitality / food service. Pizza was a nondescript niche food many years past for the same reason – few people want to travel to a pizza store just to eat a pizza. However, when pizza stores began providing delivery services the world changed for pizza and it became a stable of American culture. Delivery not only changed the amount of pizza sales, it also increased the visibility and general popularity of pizza.

Learning from the pizza case, the video entertainment industry learned to provide free home delivery of rented video, which today is manifest as NetFlix, Amazon Prime, on demand cable services, and others. It is being done even today by Microsoft in their Office 365 program and by others who make their software available on the download / monthly rental basis where the provider handles all technical maintenance and the end user merely uses the software. This principal can be re-invented in general for any product: simply reduce the customer’s inconvenience in buying your product and more people will buy.

So when your business is not doing so well, think about what other businesses have done in the past and see how you can re-invent their past successes to excel at your own business.

That is your business tip of the day, from Adult Life Training, Inc.

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Be Passionate about your success this year


Many people use a day planner of some sort to keep on top of their schedule. They’ll pay $50 or more for a Day Timer, or maybe a little less for some off brand.

Few people know about the awesome Passion Planner that I use and teach in class, which I get from

My planner differs from the mundane rank and file planners in that it asks me questions every month to help me think about what my goals are and to take steps so that I achieve my goals.

The gal who dreamed up this amazing tool has this to say about it:

Analysis paralysis. That was the feeling that spiraled me into a strange, post-grad depression and the problem that I wanted to help people overcome.

I decided to make a tool that helped people clearly define their personal goals and dreams and put them at the forefront of their attention, a planner was the PERFECT solution. Passion Planner helps people break down their long and short terms goals into more actionable steps and gives them a place to incorporate these steps into their daily lives.

Passion Planner is usually competitively priced and available in two sizes, and many colors, but now you can get the Academic version for FIVE DOLLARS ($5). That is right, it’s five bucks for a 2018 Academic Version Passion Planner, at least until they are sold out. Seriously! You can’t get a cheap knock-off at the dime store for five bucks!

If you use a planner or never tried one before and want to start hitting life like a boss, if you want 2018 to be the year that you finally get somewhere, I suggest that you try the technique that we teach in classes at Adult Life Training: use a Passion Planner to think about what you want to become and then plan steps to just do it! Plus it is a very classy looking planner – people will notice this piece of art when you carry it!

So this can be YOUR YEAR for five bucks! Break away from the pack and become awesome! Get your Passion Planner as I did and get started on reaching those goals you always dreamed about but never quite reached. Make this YOUR year.

Please have a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

John D. Nash, CEO

Adult Life Training, Inc.

P.S.   Oh, also, if you just want to download their planner for free, they give directions here.