Affordable Care Act

This message was sent to us by the White House. We pass the information on as requested.

What the Supreme Court’s ruling means for your health care

Today, the Supreme Court issued a historic ruling: They upheld the Affordable Care Act and ensured that millions of American families will have access to health care and protection from the worst abuses of the insurance industry.

Lots of people have questions about the Affordable Care Act, the Supreme Court’s decision, and their health care coverage. We’ve pulled together the most useful information — including President Obama’s remarks after the announcement — at

Watch the video and get the facts here.

Because the law has an impact on so many Americans, it’s important to understand its basic parts. We’ve also put together a list of facts about the Affordable Care Act. Will you give it a read, and then pass it on?

Random Pics

Random pictures from the lab security cameras. The Adult Life Training, Inc. computer lab is in constant use daily at the Abundant Life Church campus. A variety of people from church staff to members of the public wander in to read over lunch or let their children enjoy some computer time.

On of the major revelations in recent church growth thinking has been to recognition that growing churches are always surrounded by a layer of people who are not church members. Some, not all, of these people gravitate inward to deeper relationships with the church organization, but most simply hang out. Without this “Crowd” group, the church simply does not grow properly.

We have been bringing in “Crowd” for a decade now: 1,400 last year: 1,800 in 2010: and we hope that it does help the Abundant Life Church which donates our occupancy. Without their kindness and generosity we could not serve as God intended, and we hope and pray that they also recognize the importance of having the Crowd daily coming to their facility.

Here are some random pics of the computer lab from our security cameras.