Financial Peace starting March 8th

Start date has changed to Wednesday, March 8 at 7:00PM in Room 157. Brian Thompson will coordinate so I can have time off.

Super Saving 03-08-2017 | 7:00 PM
Relating With Money 03-15-2017 | 7:00 PM
Cash Flow Planning 03-22-2017 | 7:00 PM
Dumping Debt 03-29-2017 | 7:00 PM
Buyer Beware 04-05-2017 | 7:00 PM
The Role of Insurance 04-12-2017 | 7:00 PM
Retirement and College Planning 04-19-2017 | 7:00 PM
Real Estate and Mortgages 04-26-2017 | 7:00 PM
The Great Misunderstanding 05-03-2017 | 7:00 PM


Our next FREE class starts Monday, March 7, 2017 at 7:00PM.

Millions of families just like yours can tell you, there is no question if this thing called FPU works, the only question is whether you are going to be a part of it. It is time you got you some Financial Peace. Sign up now at

Our last Financial Peace Class in 2016 as a group, in nine short weeks (one class a week) started with $131,000 dollars in debt over and above their mortgages, only $2,300 cash available, and 15 credit cards. At the end of the training we checked again and the group had IN NINE WEEKS paid off $30,000 in debt, and increased available cash to $4,600, and got rid of 1/3 of their credit cards.

Sign up now at or call our office at 260.432.0014 x128

Annual Report

Poverty, at its most genuine essence, is not a social condition but a lifestyle: eighty percent of poverty is choices, not intelligence or income.

For once, the political climate is in sync with a national goal of abating most if not all poverty. In the next year we will bring more people out of generational poverty through mentoring them into sustained un-subsidized employment or business ownership. We look forward to a most productive and successful year 2017.

John Nash, from the Adult Life Training, Inc. President’s Annual Report

Year 2016 Annual Report

Help Dress for Success


Dress for Success (Fort Wayne Women’s Bureau) empowers women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire and the development tools to help women thrive in work and in life. They meet an important need in our Fort Wayne, Indiana community. The Dress for Success website is

Dress for Success display – click for larger image

At this time they can receive a $200 grant if they get enough votes for their Glenbrook Square display. The voting process is a bit odd, non-intuitive. Click the picture. A larger picture will appear, HOWEVER you will find a star in the bottom left side. Click the star to vote.

The information I received from their email today follows:


Our “non-profit” can use your help in winning $200 for our agency.

We had a window display at Glenbrook Square in 2016 and probably with your help we qualified to be in the final contest.

Voting is open now till January 31, 2017. Can you help us out today?

Marty Kocks-Hamrick
Program Director Dress for Success
Women’s Bureau, Inc.
2417 Fairfield Avenue
Fort Wayne, IN 46807
260-424-7977 Ext 105