LAN Party

We have reserved the Community & Bridge Rooms for LAN parties on Fridays @ 7pm until the alarm sets! We need to know if people are interested for once a month, or every other week or what so we can firm up the planning. Message me if you are interested in helping check the computers to see all the games are working or if you would like to join the group for gaming.

With the very latest Windows and Linux installed we also have the top selections of MMO games! As just a sample, these are already on the computers and ready for MMO group competition! Here are some of them that calls out!

1. Battle for Wesnoth


Battle for Wesnoth is a turn-based strategy game. Its familiar fantasy setting, sixteen races and hundreds of unit types will keep you busy for a long time. Once you’ve finished the single-player campaigns, you can set off into multiplayer lands, both local (hotseat) and online. The gameplay could be described as a mix of Heroes of Might & Magic and Fire Emblem, and fans of either will likely find Wesnoth very appealing. It comes with a map editor, so players can create their own maps and scenarios.

2. Nexuiz

Xonotic (previously known as Nexuiz) is an arena-style first-person shooter reminiscent of Unreal Tournament. It features what you’d expect from such a game: many different weapons with alternate firing modes and a bunch of mods and maps. There are also some novel twists like laser jumping, wall lasering and weapon comboing. Like most free software games, it’s very configurable. Although there are many arena shooters for Linux, Xonotic stands out for its frequent updates, high level of polish and an active user base – you’ll easily find people to blast away.

5. SuperTuxKart


As you can probably deduce, SuperTuxKart is a kart racing game, similar to Mario Kart or Wacky Wheels. Unlike those older titles, it’s a 3D game, and it features various FOSS mascots as characters – play as Tux, GNU, the PHP elephant or the BSD daemon. The game has over 20 tracks, a half-dozen game modes and split-screen multiplayer. New content is often added – the latest release brought a couple of new characters and game modes, as well as graphical improvements. Work is also being done on networked multiplayer, which means you’ll soon be able to annoy your online friends by shooting them just before the finish line.

7. Hedgewars


If the description “turn-based artillery game” reminded you of Worms, you’d be right. Hedgewars doesn’t feature pink worms, instead opting for pink hedgehogs, but otherwise it’s quite similar to the game that inspired it. Teams of pink critters battle it out on randomly generated maps using a large number of weapons, ranging from conventional to completely silly. The game offers local and networked multiplayer, as well as AI opponents. There’s a staggering amount of content available for free download – 55 weapons, hundreds of costumes, minigames, 25 game modifiers, and a ton of community content packs for your further amusement.

And that’s just in Linux! Since they are Linux games, if you have Linux you can install them FREE on your own PC and practice too. And many Linux games are also available free for Windows and Mac. It’s that whole Free Software / Open Source thing.

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