We’ll Be Passionate about our aide’s success this year

GREAT NEWS! We are a recipient of the Passion Planner “Get One Give One” grant this year!

Instead of continuing to wander aimlessly through life our aides will be learning to budget their time and recognize, express, and achieve their own personal life goals using the Passion Planner tool.

Thank-you to all who have already purchased their Passion Planner this year: your purchase enabled Passion Planner to empower our Senior Aide’s to take more control of their lives and become more important contributors to our local community! Passion Planner has many gorgeous planners available so if you do not yet have your planner, we suggest that you get one of these awesome life tools to conquer your “Analysis Paralysis” and become a more potent element in achieving your dreams. READY TO JOIN THE #PASHFAM? Get your Passion Planned today!


Many people use a day planner of some sort to keep on top of their schedule. They’ll pay $50 or more for a Day Timer, or maybe a little less for some off brand.

Few people know about the awesome Passion Planner that I use and teach in class, which I get from passionplanner.com.

My planner differs from the mundane rank and file planners in that it asks me questions every month to help me think about what my goals are and to take steps so that I achieve my goals.

The gal who dreamed up this amazing tool has this to say about it:

Analysis paralysis. That was the feeling that spiraled me into a strange, post-grad depression and the problem that I wanted to help people overcome.

I decided to make a tool that helped people clearly define their personal goals and dreams and put them at the forefront of their attention, a planner was the PERFECT solution. Passion Planner helps people break down their long and short terms goals into more actionable steps and gives them a place to incorporate these steps into their daily lives.

Passion Planner is usually competitively priced and available in two sizes, and many colors, but now you can get the Academic version for FIVE DOLLARS ($5). That is right, it’s five bucks for a 2018 Academic Version Passion Planner, at least until they are sold out. Seriously! You can’t get a cheap knock-off at the dime store for five bucks!

If you use a planner or never tried one before and want to start hitting life like a boss, if you want 2018 to be the year that you finally get somewhere, I suggest that you try the technique that we teach in classes at Adult Life Training: use a Passion Planner to think about what you want to become and then plan steps to just do it! Plus it is a very classy looking planner – people will notice this piece of art when you carry it!

So this can be YOUR YEAR for five bucks! Break away from the pack and become awesome! Get your Passion Planner as I did and get started on reaching those goals you always dreamed about but never quite reached. Make this YOUR year.

Please have a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

John D. Nash, CEO

Adult Life Training, Inc.

P.S.   Oh, also, if you just want to download their planner for free, they give directions here.

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