Year to Date Financials

Notes: Reports are generated automagically by The GnuCash personal finance manager.  Zero balance accounts have been deleted for clarity.

We use GNUCash, the GNU way to manage your money!

To download this free accounting package for Unix, Mac, Windows, and many other operating systems, please browse to Journals, accounts, budgeting: it’s all in there! Free, easy to use from simple “Quicken” style check book entries to elaborate journals, this is how we escaped Intuit.

Year to Date Financials


(1) Several people donated on FaceBook, but those donations have not yet been paid into our account – FaceBook “help” files say they may deposit the money they collected on our behalf sometime in May (five months from now). FaceBook has had no delay or difficulty TAKING the money they want for advertising from our account each month.

The best method of donating is to mail us a check, followed by donating through our PayPal link at the top of every page. Checks cost us nothing to deposit, and PayPal charges us a very nominal discounted fee so we receive *most* of what is donated, provided it is at least $2.00.

(2) There are several significant needs that must be met soon:

  • we lack clean reams of printer paper – we print on the unused side of donated recycled paper most of the time however in some cases documents (such as resumes and business correspondence) need to be printed on a new sheet of paper: we are out of paper, there is no more, we need some now.
  • we have had some success with a Friday evening group LAN Party gaming event. LAN games teach group cooperation (sportsmanship, cooperation, competition, and problem solving) to achieve a goal together while having great fun.
    • IN PARTICULAR we are seeking games that will be fun for GIRLS and women.  We have gals who are willing to participate but games designed for guys do not enthrall them. The guys are quite happy with “personal shooters” but the gals want games that teach relationships. There are such games, but they cost money and we require 10 licenses (minimum) each.
    • LAN Games are generally thought of as for “young people” but we have used them  very successfully with “older” people and seniors, once they understand how to operate the game. Another example of this in the Indiana Department of Workforce Development WIN system, which very successfully attracts people for job skills training. We need legal licenses for each workstation, not boot leg copies.
  • we need donations of business publications relevant to employment, specifically high level business publications such as The Wallstreet Journal, The Economist, and Fortune Magazine. These teach our participants to communicate in more employable form and increase their knowledge of current events. Subscriptions to the local papers could also benefit but we are needing material that will teach adult / business level reading, not 4th grade level reading.

Cash Flow – 01/01/2018 to 03/29/2018

Money into selected accounts comes from
Expense:Office Furniture and Equipment $189.96
Income:Donations $9,951.65
Income:Interest earned $0.03
Money In $10,141.64

Money out of selected accounts goes to
Expense:Advertising $275.94
Expense:Bank Charges $5.00
Expense:Hospitality Supplies $3.46
Expense:Literacy Training $32.00
Expense:Literacy Training:Literacy Materials $150.00
Expense:Office Furniture and Equipment $1,024.22
Expense:Software Licenses $42.99
Expense:Website Hosting $127.75
Money Out $1,661.36

Difference $8,480.28

Profit & Loss For Period Covering 01/01/2018 to 03/29/2018

Income $0.00
       Donations $9,951.65
             Coffee Fund $0.00
             In Kind $0.00
             Maintenance $0.00
       Interest earned $0.03
Total Revenue $9,951.68
Expense $0.00
       Advertising $275.94
       Bank Charges $5.00
       Community Development $0.00
       Hospitality Supplies $3.46
       Literacy Training $32.00
             Literacy Instructor Fees $0.00
             Literacy Materials $150.00
       Maintenance $0.00
       Office Furniture and Equipment $834.26
       Office Supplies $0.00
       Postage $0.00
       Software Licenses $42.99
       Staff Meeting $0.00
       Taxes and Legal $0.00
       Transportation Expense $0.00
       Website Hosting $127.75
Total Expenses $1,471.40
Net income for Period $8,480.28