Year to Date Financials

Notes: Accounts with zero balances were omitted to simplify. Reports are generated automagically by The GnuCash personal finance manager. The GNU way to manage your money! To download this free accounting package for Unix, Mac, Windows, and many other operating systems, please browse to Journals, accounts, budgeting: it’s all in there! Free, easy to use from simple “Quicken” style check book entries to elaborate journals, this is how we escaped Intuit.

Cash Flow – 01/01/2017 to 02/08/2017

Money into selected accounts comes from
Income:Interest earned $0.02
Money In $0.02

Money out of selected accounts goes to
Expense:Office Supplies $26.45
Expense:Office Supplies:Coffee Supplies $29.48
Expense:Postage $2.38
Expense:Projects:Financial Literacy Project $12.29
Expense:Staff Meeting $15.07
Money Out $85.67

Difference -$85.65