Advisory Board

The Advisory Board meets Wednesday at 3:00 – 3:45PM to manage the charity: the CEO then carries out the Advisory Board plans with their help. Since some client information and planning is discussed and part of this information must be protected under HIPPA, 42CFR part 2, and other law, part of these meetings may be closed to the public.

Minutes of the advisory board meetings are posted here.

All Advisory Board members are unpaid volunteers. Jennifer and Mary are not Directors: John and Jolene are. Our Advisory Board Members are:

John Nash, chair
Jennifer Perkins, recording secretary
Mary Grepke, member
Jolene Nash, member

Jennifer Perkins has been volunteering for over two years and she provides transportation for the Karen* youth activity on Wednesdays and sometimes fills in as an instructor in our programs.

Mary Grepke Is a retired school teacher who has been volunteering for several years. She provides help with understanding public school homework for the Karen* youth on Wednesdays.

Jolene Nash is a Registered Nurse with 30 years of patient care experience. She earned her Bachelors degree in nursing at IPFW in Fort Wayne and is completing her Masters Degree in Nursing with a focus in Women’s Health.

Jolene researched and wrote on the Burmese population of Fort Wayne, Indiana and was asked to present her project “Adaptation and Use of the Neuman Systems Model in Global Culture-Specific Problems” at the Biennial (national Nursing) Symposia in Las Vegas in the summer of 2009: she was a freshman at the time. She also prepared training on the necessity and practice of maintaining Excellent Client Records in cooperation with IPFW and Aging and In-Home Services in the spring of 2011 and was requested to serve as an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant in the nursing program at IPFW. Jolene received her BSN December 2011 at IPFW and is now completing Masters Studies in Nursing.

*The Karen are the major ethnic group in Burma (Myanmar) and are persecuted by the minority Burmese military government. The city of Fort Wayne, Indiana has the largest population, per capita, of these refugees outside of Asia. The youth activity is intended to help the children to assimilate into American culture, build confidence in spoken and written American English, help them with their homework for public school, and learn about America, being an American, and education on the use of computers and office software applications.