Adult Life Training participants in the Federal SCSEP program will be learning Financial Peace Tuesdays at 11:30 using purchased Ramsey Solutions Financial Peace University (FPU) curriculum.  The training was underwritten by a generous grant from 3 Rivers Federal Credit Union Foundation.

This is a closed group for SCSEP participants. For those interested in the public class, please REGISTER HERE:

Area social agencies interested in the FPU curriculum should call John Nash, 260.432.0014 x128, either to schedule their own staff to learn FPU and possibly get one copy of the material, or to get started teaching these practical Financial Literacy skills to their own clients or arrange a time to have Adult Life Training teach for them.

Super Saving – Quickly Fixing and Ending Your Crisis 08-15-2017 | 11:30 PM
Relating With Money – Understanding what’s happening 08-22-2017 | 11:30 PM
Cash Flow Planning – Getting a Grip 08-29-2017 | 11:30 PM
Dumping Debt – Taking Your Life Back from the Banksters 09-05-2017 | 11:30 PM
Sharks in Suits – Dealing with Debt Collectors 09-12-2017 | 11:30 PM
Buyer Beware – Beating the Marketing Machines 09-19-2017 | 11:30 PM
That’s Not Good Enough! – Getting the Best Deal 09-26-2017 | 11:30 PM
The Role of Insurance – What You Do and Don’t Need 10-03-2017 | 11:30 PM
Retirement and College Planning 10-10-2017 | 11:30 PM
Real Estate and Mortgages – Best Way vs. Making Yourself Homeless 10-17-2017 | 11:30 PM
The Great Misunderstanding – How to Maximize Personal Joy 10-24-2017 | 11:30 PM


Patient: Oh, Dr. Wilson, I have terrible troubles. I do hope that you can help me.

Psychiatrist: Now calm down. Just lie down on the couch and tell me all about your troubles.

Patient: Well, Doctor, I have a duplex penthouse apartment in New York and a summer house on the beach at the Hamptons. I drive a Rolls-Royce, and my wife drives a Jaguar. My two boys go to the best private school in the city. We belong to three very swanky clubs, and every year I manage to spend a month in Europe.

Psychiatrist: These things are very wonderful, but let’s get down to your basic problem.

Patient: I was just getting to it, Doctor. You see, I only make $100 a week!

Received from Steve Sanderson.

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