Baby Steps out of Money Hell

When your world is crashing around you from all directions, the confusion, feeling of utter helplessness, and resulting depression makes it nearly impossible to properly defend your own civil rights. The Ramsey curriculum shows you how to stop the downward spiral, get control, and then start to recover through manageable baby steps using what you have and can reasonably do.

This training is highly focused on the practical, not the theoretical. The first step is to Readmore..

Groups Starting September 4, 2017

Note: Events run 4Q2017 only, start week of Mon Sept 4, 2017, end week of Sat Nov 11, 2017

Activity #1: Financial Peace University, Fall 2017 Group #1

Category: Open Public Financial Literacy training

Curriculum: FPU from Ramsey Solutions


John D. Nash, Jr. (Instructor) or Jodie Godfrey (receptionist)

URL: to register and for information

Phone: 260.432.0014 x128


Financial Peace University group will start Monday, September 4, 2017 at 7:00pm until 8:30pm or 9:00pm. We demonstrate the means to get and stay free of debt. Readmore..