Financial Peace 2017 group #2 started

We have started the Financial Peace University financial literacy class for SCSEP Senior Aides. This class will run 11 weeks including optional material on handling debt collectors and negotiating for a better deal. Senior Aides may use the following link to sign up.

Super Saving 01-03-2017 | 11:30 AM
Relating With Money 01-10-2017 | 11:30 AM
Cash Flow Planning 01-17-2017 | 11:30 AM


Tonight is THE Night that you start to change your financial life

Tonight is the night your financial life changes for the better forever. Tonight is the night you get control of your finances and start your journey into financial freedom, in Financial Peace.

It is free. There is a “Membership Kit” available if you want it, but if you don’t want to or can’t buy one just come anyway! It’s not required. 260.432.0014 x128. 3301 E Coliseum Blvd, 46805. Community Room. 6:00PM starting Monday January 2, 2017 at 6:00PM-8:00PM. The link to register on-line is There is no charge for this class Readmore..

We can use your unwanted but working Laptop / Notebook PCs

These are “good” unwanted electronics! They are headed to recycling where their component minerals and metals will be reprocessed and used again, not to a dump where they will poison our water.

Adult Life Training, Inc. can use your unwanted but working Laptop or Notebook PCs

We help the poor in our community learn useful computer job skills so they can get a real job and support themselves financially. Many are too poor to afford a usable computer to practice their new skills or perform job searches.

If you replaced your notebook computer this Christmas and no longer want your old one, you can bring it to us and we’ll clean off the fixed disk and prepare it for a needy person Readmore..

A New Year Beckons us to go where no man has gone before!

 A New year beckons! 2017 is coming and we are looking to increase the amount and diversity of our resource utilization. Currently we have 60% utilization weekday evenings (we are booked Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday) for various training and community building activities. We would like to add an Artemis gaming group Friday evening or maybe Tuesday evening.

Our current use is nicely diverse with Financial LIteracy training, the Spoken Hands (deaf) group, and men’s basketball benefiting from our facilities, but we have been missing LAN gaming and we are set up well for Readmore..