We made a good choice

Microsoft likes WordPress well enough that they are switching their Live Spaces blogging functionality to WordPress.com and have sent their Live Spaces customers instructions in the latest Newsletter explaining how to migrate their blog to the new location on WordPress.

We felt strongly in favor of WordPress and saw a great deal of potential, which is why we chose it for our own blogging software: its anti-spammer features alone are a good reason to switch!
You can read more about it on jdnash.com at http://jdnash.com/2010/10/wordpress-chos…oft-blog-space

PC Refurbisher

We got accepted into the Microsoft PC Refurbisher program, but there is a snag now. All the information that we read prior to applying said we would be able to place legitimate, full licenses for Windows on the PCs we refurbish. There is one tiny little catch that would have been really helpful to be disclosed to us before:

Q: I have a used PC without a Windows COA. Can I install Windows on the PC?

A: Yes, but because the PC does not have proof that Windows was originally installed on it, you must purchase a full version (not upgrade version) of the Windows operating system Windows through a retail channel.

The point of *having* a refurbisher program is lost on me at this point: how does this get a license for PCs which do not yet have a license? How is this different from just handing the recipient charity the cleaned up PC hardware and telling them to go to a local brick and mortar store and go buy a license?

I must have missed something, so I need to read it again. This can’t be right. The only thing this would help is if the original recovery CD has been lost.


I fired off an email to Microsoft to ask if I understand the program correctly:


Question: We are only working with 501(c)(3) Public Charities. From what I can tell, this program only allows us to install Windows on PCs that already have a license for Windows: there is no way to provide a legitimate charity license for a PC which does not already have a legitimate Windows license, other than just buying one at retail somewhere. Donated PCs are going to be worth $20 – $50. Windows licenses are going to be $89 and up. Did I miss something?

John Nash, CEO
Adult Life Training, Inc.


I will let you know what they say.


PC’s for 501(c)(3) May Be Coming Soon

There is no Microsoft Refurbisher for Fort Wayne in Microsoft’s official list. We have applied and will tell more when we know more.

IF IF IF this program engages, we would permit persons and companies to donate unneeded PCs <= 7 years old to us, then we would clean their disk and make them available to documented area 501(c)(3) organizations, hopefully for free. If Microsoft wants to be paid something for the licenses that would force us to charge to cover.

We would be using some participants from our SCSEP “Senior Aides” program to donate their labor in this endeavorer, thus giving them practical job experience in computer building and programming.