Manual Updates Status

12/29 Started Beginner’s “Working Computer” book updates.

1/3 Framework for everything except Presentation and the three Internet modules is in. Now to load graphics and make additional graphics for Ubuntu and Windows 7, and for OpenOffice 3.2 and MS Office 2010.

1/6 Being sick in bed Tuesday and Wednesday didn’t help any. Hopefully today will be a better day.

Publishing primarily to the web and reprinting to paper only when necessary is a good idea: the quality is higher, it’s more flexible, and costs less.

Back to Work 2010 Stats

Adult Life Training, Inc.
President’s Annual Report
Fiscal Year 2010

Statistics as of 12/17/2010
Persons attending computer classes this year  1,784
Number unique persons served 161
Certificates Earned 116

Male  (42%)
Female  (58%)

White  (19%)
Black  (20%)
Hispanic  ( 1%)
Other (Burmese)  (59%)

Certificates Earned 116
Beginners 33
Files 23
Formatting Text 20
Working Multiple Windows 17
Spreadsheets 18
Word Processing 4
Presentations 1

ThinkFinity Fun

Wednesday night computer class for the Burmese youth had mostly elementary children today. We had lots of fun playing games on the After School page on Verizon Foundation’s Word games were the most popular with the K-4 after school set.

Jennifer looks for more after school games on Verizon Foundation

Jennifer looks for more after school games on Verizon Foundation

Manual Revision

We are planning to upgrade class manuals during Christmas Break. Related suggestions should be provided in comments. At this point our goal is to add photos of Ubuntu and Windows 7 using Open Office 3.x and Microsoft Office 2010 to the books so the current environments are represented. Some minor cleaning up is also anticipated — the last major update was in 2005.

Updated 2010 financials are posted

Bottom line: up by $301.54.

Sample Cover letter was posted in the Resources section in .odt and .pdf formats. Resources may be downloaded and edited by anyone for their use. Free.