Across the Waves: Across Generations

When Senior Aides (SCSEP program) help Burmese Youth, fun ensues. We had a great time on the computer in the Adult Life Training computer lab, got some clothes for those who needed them at the Abundant Life clothing bank, and then ate meatloaf and green beans and potatoes until we lost count of how many ‘seconds’ 11 little kids can eat.

Senior Aide Barbara and this gal had lots of fun all night.

These Fort Wayne youth are part of the 6,000+ refugee families from Burma, which is now named Mynar after a military junta took over, who now live in Fort Wayne. The takeover forced their parents to flee for their lives.

Senior Aides is a program supervised by Catholic Charities to train displaced mature workers so that they can become re-employed. Adult Life Training provides computer job skills training to the Senior Aides, and computer and cultural training to the Burmese community. The Burmese outreach is lead by Keith and Joyce Porter of the Abundant Life Church.

Senior Aide Ernest helps two Burmese youth with a computer question

The time of sharing was priceless. Volunteering is a wonderful way to bridge cultural, ethnic, and generational differences.

This is a COLD way to walk around in 9 degree weather!

This little lady had only sandals in our nine degree Indiana weather. With drifts outside almost as deep as she is tall, we took her to the Abundant Life clothing bank, where she and two of her friends got boots, shoes, and warmer clothing. Last year we had one young man who came in what he had: a beach towel. The Abundant Life clothing bank was a God-send for him as well.

These guys were finding line drawings to print online.

Re Open Monday 1/10

We reopen tomorrow, Monday 1/10. Even though sickness intervened and we are not even half done with the necessary maintenance.

Normal Weekly Schedule will resume as:

Monday 9:00-1:00 Senior Aides training

Tuesday 9:00-1:00 Public Classes and Senior Aides Cleaning

Wednesday 9:00-1:00 Senior Aides to Love in Deed Sharehouse
Wednesday 2:00-3:00 Advisory Board Meeting in room 136
Wednesday 3:00-7:00 Burmese Youth fellowship

Thursday 9:00-1:00 Public Classes and Senior Aides Cleaning

Friday 9:00-1:00 Senior Aides training

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