Leadership Training Opportunity May 6

Use your leadership voice to impact lives around you. Attend the Chick­-fil­-A®
Leadercast one­-day event.

Broadcast LIVE from Atlanta, GA to Abundant Life Church, Fort Wayne, IN on Friday,
May 6, Chick-fil­-A Leadercast offers a unique opportunity to learn from the
world’s most influential voices:

* Seth Godin: Renowed marketing blogger & author
* Robin Roberts: Achor of ABC’s Good Morning America
* John Maxwell: Leadership expert & best-selling author
* Dave Ramsey: Author of Total Money Makeover
* Sir Ken Robinson: Best-selling author on creativity
* Dan Cathy: President & COO of Chick-fil-A, Inc.
* Muhtar Kent: CEO of The Coca-Cola Company
* Suzy Welch: Best-selling author, television commentator, and journalist
* Mack Brown: Head Coach of Texas Longhorns
* Erin Gruwell: Founder of Freedom Writers Foundation
* Frans Johansson: Renowned author, The Medici Effect

Don’t Miss this opportunity to learn from 11 of the world’s best leaders! Reserve your ticket today! Call 260-432-0014 or visit www.abundantlifecares.com/store to register.

Employment 80% of Successful Addictions Recovery

Very unexpected take-away from two days of State training for ATR3: 80% of the variation in success from addictions recovery is tied directly to employment. Good employment causes successful recovery. Never realized how critical our mission is to the success of the State programs.

To participate in the Indiana Access to Recovery process, you must meet ALL of these requirements:
* You have an addiction, know it, and want to recover
* You are legally considered an adult able to protect your own civil rights
* You LIVE in one of the counties, such as Allen county, in which the program is available, OR you have ever been or currently are in the military service and live anywhere in Indiana
* Your total family income is less than 200% of the Federal Poverty Level ($44,100 for a family of four) or under 500% of FPL ($110,250 for a family of four) if you are or ever were in Military Service.
* You are here because you have decided to be here — not because anyone is forcing you

To participate in the Indiana Access to Recovery process, you must also meet ONE of these requirements:
* You have used Methamphetamine in the last 90 days
* You will be released from prison in the next six months
* You are or have participated in a “problem solving” court, such as a diversion program in the last 45 days
* You are a woman who is now pregnant
* You are a woman with at least one dependant child under one year of age
* You have EVER served in the US Military, regardless of discharge status

If you would like a referral to an RC near you, our contact information is here.