Linux in high demand

Businesses are energetically adding Linux to their core processes and seeking Linux professionals. We foresaw this a decade ago when we looked at market trends: this is why we have taught BOTH Linux and Microsoft from almost the beginning of our operation.

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While some sectors of the economy have seen dwindling prospects for job-seekers, Linux developers have their choice of opportunities. Linux programming skills are in high demand, and those who can do the job can command higher salaries and choice job perks, according to the first-ever Linux-focused jobs forecast from and The Linux Foundation. Recruiting Linux professionals is a top priority for the vast majority of organizations in 2012, the survey finds. Many companies, however, find recruiting Linux developers challenging. “Linux jobs have become some of the hottest jobs in all of tech,” says Jim Zemlin, executive director at The Linux Foundation. “Clearly, hiring managers throughout the IT tech sector understand this, and are aggressively seeking Linux professionals. It is our job to meet this demand by ensuring developers and systems administrators have access to the community networking opportunities, and the Linux training they need to take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity.” More than 2,000 hiring managers took part in the research. is a leading career-focused hub for IT professionals.

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