Karen Computer Class

Help with homework comes first: even simple homework in English when you speak little or no English is hard. After public school homework is completed, older youth enjoy watching a soccer game on the large monitors purchased with a grant from the Verizon Foundation. One youth has learned to operate the rack with the video media computer and the audio system.

New Illegal Drugs — No Amnesty

In email today from Indiana Senate President Pro Tem David Long:

Legally Dispose of Synthetic Drugs

Last Thursday, Gov. Mitch Daniels signed House Enrolled Act 1196 into law, immediately making a number of hazardous substances illegal to possess, transport or sell in our state and strengthening Indiana’s ban on dangerous synthetic drugs.

To provide a method for retailers and private citizens to properly dispose of newly illegal substances, all Indiana State Police (ISP) posts statewide are designated as drop-off sites now through this coming Sunday, March 25. We must ensure a safe avenue for disposal of these products, so they aren’t simply thrown into dumpsters or discarded in a manner allowing them to fall into the hands of young children. ISP officials say there is no concern about being arrested when these drugs are brought to a post for proper disposal.

It’s important to note that this is not an amnesty period, as these products are now illegal to possess. Retailers should already have these products pulled from their shelves and safely secured until they can be properly disposed. Stores still selling these products are subject to losing their retail licenses for one year. Employees and customers purchasing banned synthetic drugs can be arrested for violating Indiana’s new law.

Undercover ISP officers may visit retail stores and purchase items suspected to be in violation of the law. If laboratory testing confirms purchased items are illegal, the employee making the sale may be arrested and, as stated earlier, the store may have its retail license revoked for one year.