Chick-Fil-A LeaderCast Friday this week

At the Abundant Life campus this Friday. Doors open / registration 8:30, presentations until 4:30. Call 260.432.0014 for reservations. Tickets $40 until May 2 (Wednesday) thereafter $49. Includes Light breakfast, lunch, snacks, drinks, and (dead tree edition) notebook.

Chick-Fil-A LeaderCast Ticket

On May 4th, 2012, you will be empowered with life-changing insights from world-renowned leaders. This one-of-a-kind event will be broadcast live from Atlanta and simulcast into communities across the globe. Join more than 125,000 leaders from around the world and begin making choices that matter.

Prescription Drug Take Back Day Tomorrow

Prescription Drug Take Back Day Tomorrow


Indiana State Police (ISP) officials are joining the Drug Enforcement Administration in offering Hoosiers the opportunity to safely rid their homes of unneeded prescription drugs. The fourth “Prescription Drug Take Back” initiative will be held tomorrow (Saturday, April 28) at local ISP stations. (ed. and local Walgreens drug stores)
Expired, unused and unwanted liquid or pill prescription drugs can be dropped off for proper destruction. Needles are not accepted for disposal. The service is free with no questions asked.
Learn more by clicking here.

SBHP 2012 Training Dates

This came in e-mail today from SBHP on upcoming training and we pass it on as a service our neighboring social service agencies. This is valuable training: I have been to the Tier 1 & 2 and they are quite helpful. There are admission requirements: contact SBHP for information for your organization.

I Hope this Helps!




Star Behavioral Health Providers has recently scheduled additional 2012 Tier trainings. Whether you have attended a single training or all of the trainings, we wanted to share the upcoming training dates with you so that you were aware and could share SBHP with your colleagues. Below you will find Tier One, Tier Two, and Tier Three training dates, locations, as well as registration links. I have also provided additional information about the Registry.  If you or your colleagues have any addition questions concerning SBHP, please don’t hesitate to contact an SBHP representative at


May 15th  Franklin Armory, Franklin –

May 22nd University of Southern Indiana, Evansville –

June 14th Lafayette Armory, Lafayette –

June 26th Air National Guard, Terre Haute –


August 22 & 23 – University of Southern Indiana, Evansville –

Sept 5 & 6 76 IBCT, Indianapolis –


Oct 24 & 25 76IBCT – CPT – Laura – Indianapolis –

*Please note: in order to attend Tier Three you must have attended Tier One and Tier Two, be a licensed clinician, and be accepted into the Registry

Financials — Rough (Liabilities NOT posted yet) as of 4/24/2012

Income Statement For Period Covering 01/01/2012 to 12/31/2012

Income $0.00
       InATR $90.00
       Donations $82.00
             LID $33.10
             Paint $20.00
       Interest earned $0.06
Total Revenue $225.16
Expense $0.00
       1099 Contractors $0.00
             Jennifer Perkins $0.00
             John Nash $0.00
       InATR $45.00
       Love In Deed $40.39
       Maintenance $84.60
       Office Supplies $39.87
       Postage $9.00
       Software Licenses $0.00
       Staff Meeting $10.80
       Taxes and Legal $7.14
       Training $0.00
       Transportation Expense $0.00
Total Expenses $236.80
Net loss for Period $11.64


Balance Sheet 12/31/2012


Assets $0.00
       Savings(2) $0.00
       Savings $105.38
       Checking $104.70
Imbalance-USD $0.00
Total Assets $210.08

Liabilities $0.00
       1099 Contractors $0.00
             Jennifer Perkins $0.00
             John Nash $0.00
Total Liabilities $0.00

Opening Balances $400.41
Retained Losses $190.33
Total Equity $210.08

Total Liabilities & Equity $210.08