Survey Spammers

If you are one of the survey organizations that just must have us fill in your 501(c)(3) salary survey, which you will later try to sell to us for large amounts of money, please know in advance: We Are An ALL Volunteer public charity since our formation in February 2003.

The people who spend their time here do so because we are united believing in our purpose, not because someone will pay us. Our volunteers donate their time to improve the lives of our community, by training, mentorship, and example: working with the Senior Aides or Karen refugees, recovering drug addicts, or wounded warriors: even when it means they work year after year without pay.

“Oh, but we have to get paid to pay our bills” Yeah, us too, but we buck up and deal with it.

Our work is awesome because we believe in our community and we strive sacrificially for excellence in all that we do. That might skew your numbers if you’re looking for $72,000 / year executive salaries and 10% success rates because we have $0 salaries and close to 100% success rates. Just sayin’.