May is here

We have been evaluating our performance and re-focusing on our core strengths. Right.  Two computer classes are starting this week: Monday evening at 7:00-9:00 and Thursday afternoon at 2:00-4:00. Four seats are open Monday, two seats are open Thursday. If you want to join, be there.

If you struggled through reading that, here are some pictures to enjoy.

Started more belts for our fund raiser

DSCN2414Started belts for Ed & Bob. This leather is very soft, almost suede. They are getting nice material. Got it cut from the hide and just finished beveling the edges here before smoothing the edges and punching the holes. Then I will stamp their names in a place only they will see: a belt individually crafted specifically for them and no one else.

These will both be black, one with embossing and one without. They will have the stock “economy” buckles but their new owners can upgrade any time they wish by simply un-snapping the current buckle and sliding on the new one.

If you would like to help support our job skills training by purchasing a belt, make a donation for $32 (and if you need to belt mailed to you + $5.80 postage) using our PayPal Donate Now button. On the PayPal payment screen write the belt width (1″, 1.25″, 1.5″), your waist size as measured with a tape (ex: 47″), the color (black, red, blue, green, tan, only clear coat, uncoated leather), whether you do or do not want embossed scrolling down the sides, and any text you want stamped onto the belt. You can also send this information to us in email at after making your payment using the PayPal button (we love you all but we can’t make you a belt until it is paid for).

Adult Life Training is withdrawing from the ATR program as of this notice

Part of the beauty of the INATR Access to Recovery program is in the variety and diversity of the providers.  Over the last few years we have committed resources to ATR, but we have seen the number of people we help drop from several a week outside ATR to 1-2 every three months in ATR and the small reimbursement we receive from the occasional ATR client has not offset the time and expense of the ATR overhead and training. We feel we can best serve our community by returning to an independent process that helps people with skills training over a period of weeks, for free, outside the formality of the ATR process.

All citizens are welcome to join our classes, for free, including ATR clients. However these classes will be more extensive covering computer job skills and coaching in hard skill development using computer tools rather than a single short interview. All citizens may also avail themselves on a shared basis of the free use of our computers and Internet connectivity business days (M-F) from 9:00-5:00, with informal coaching also available most weekdays from 9:00 until 1:00. We will not be providing the intense individualized evaluations and training that we have provided under ATR.

We value and appreciate the experiences that we have had together, and hope we can continue to help when appropriate, in our own way.

Hand Crafted Leather goods available as Fund Raiser

API Leather Crafting has graciously granted us financial help  in the form of a fund raiser. API Leather Crafting will provide belts to us at their cost and they are donating everything over their cost to us to help support our Back to Work 2013 Job Skills Training programs for this year.

This is AWESOME for ordering TOOL BELTS which tend to be wider than normal belts and cost an arm and a leg: $32 + $5.80 postage does it. API will also do some custom work for you, for example if you want them to punch holes at specific intervals down the belt to hold tools, or stamp your name or tag number on the belt:  you simply cannot get this level of detailed personalization for any price at the mega box hardware store. Order it as “untreated leather” so you can oil it yourself.

To see what they have, browse to API Leather Crafting, then send them an email with your name, address, belts with (3/4″, 1″, 1.25″, 1.5″, 2″), belt color (red, black, green, tan, blue, clear coat only, or untreated natural leather), length around your waist (not length of a previous belt), whether you want embossing down the edges, and any lettering you want (your name, USMC, USAF, etc.) stamped on the belt. You must pay in advance from our PayPal “Donate” button — top right of each of our web pages — and leave a note in the PayPal payment box with your address information and belt specifics.

one belt — $32 plue $5.80 USPS fixed rate box postage
two belts — $64 + $5.80 USPS (two belts will fit in one box)