Sustainable Living is part of responsible living

For generations we have been careless with our waste. Now landfills hide untold piles of threats, like a Fallout game come to life, exposing our own and future generations to unnecessary risk. (See here, here, here, here, and here  for a sample of why dumping electronics is risky).

Our mission at Adult Life Training, Inc. is to holistically improve the lives of our community through training, mentorship, and example. Leading the community in sensible, free, recycling is only one way we fulfill that mission.

Here are some pictures of our gay-lord that has been filled for the third time in two months. ACE Recycling charges us nothing for this recycling, and they pay us for some of the items. In fact, individuals and businesses can call ACE Recycling for free pickup.

Everything is processed in accordance with the state of the art in safety and security, guaranteeing that everything is recycled in a way so that no one can ever pirate your private information from them. For example, ACE removes the fixed disk drive from all computers and it is shredded into little bitty pieces of metal! No method exists to put all those tiny pieces back together! Simply erasing the drive is inadequate under Federal recycling guidelines.

Green Blog says it nicely: reduce, reuse, recycle.

What can you do about E-waste?

1. Rethink the amount of electronics you buy: don’t buy a new cell phone just because your contract expires and you can get the newest version that everyone else is getting. Also, look into getting your small appliances repaired before buying new ones. Reduce, re-use and recycle, in that order. Remember that no matter what advertising tells us, things don’t make us happy.

2. When you do have to get rid of electronics, recycle them with reputable companies. You can also contact the company where your product came from in the first place, and ask them if they have a take-back program. Always ask the recycling depot or company if they send the electronics overseas. If they don’t give a clear answer, choose somewhere else. Or, do some research and check with environmental organizations that would be able to direct you to a recycling depot in your area.

3. Support groups that are against e-waste. Recently, students from Simon Fraser University have formed a group to ban e-waste on campus. With plans to make an educational documentary to raise awareness of e-waste, teach people where they can safely recycle their electronics, challenge the amount of electronic waste people produce, and create an “E-waste Day” at SFU, the group is determined to tackle the issue of e-waste. To support them, join the Facebook group “Stop E-waste at SFU”, and follow the blog, which they update with their weekly progress, and you can find links to educational resources on e-waste and recycling depots around Vancouver.

If you would like ACE to pickup items for secure recycling at your business, call us at 260.432.0014 x128 and we’ll provide the details. It is free. It is secure. It is sustainable.

Now THAT is responsible living!

We need mobile phones for recycling

We need your dead cell phones for secure recycling. ACE Recycling is paying us for certain recycled items, including cell phones. They will go to ACE for secure processing.

Businesses: call ACE Recycling ( to pick up your electronic items for free.

ACE Recycling Inc.
219 Murray Street
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46803
Fax: 260-432-6448

Tell them to credit us (Adult Life Training). They will pay us for TV’s, screens, computers, notebooks, and cell phones. They can provide you with a legal document listing your items and attesting that they were properly disposed of to meet all local laws. There is no charge for this service and they will pay us so we can better provide free job skills training services to the Fort Wayne area community. They can pick up directly from your location if you have six (6) or more items, or you may drop them off at our offices at 3301 E Coliseum Blvd, Fort Wayne, IN 46805. Cell phones will be kept in our office until pickup to prevent tampering.