Thank-you Aetna!

The promised donation from Aetna Inc. has arrived! We can now start collecting bids for the two 36″ screens and associated hardware, which will hopefully be installed this week so they are ready when computer classes start next week.



Update 7/31/15 Parts all received. Now waiting to schedule the electrician!

Update 7/23/15 Ordered the screens using Hopefully we will get a donation back from Amazon through their Smile philanthropy program.  If you buy from Amazon, please do use THIS LINK to reach Amazon, and a percentage of whatever you buy will be donated to us!

Fraud Alert


Barracuda: Guard Dog or Mafioso ‘Protection’  Racketeering Scam?

“Nice little email message you got there. Be a shame if something was to happen to it”.

Barracuda, maker of an email filtering appliance,  just had a WSJ article on how great they are. However, making everyone’s email “fail” and then asking them to pay $20 to allow them to send email without being harassed to the addressee is over the top. Apparently that little tidbit was not included in the WSJ article.

Further details can be found at This article is a public information note in case other organizations have difficulty continuing communications with the City of Fort Wayne or other related public charities using that email filtering service. Your email will most likely be blocked.