Life Hacks for Chrome

This PC Mag article discussed some useful life hacks when using Google Chrome browser. Recommended reading. About 7% of people still use IE, 22% firefox, but nearly 70% use Chrome. As it is the most popular browser right now, these neat tricks could improve your day!

Gottcha! Windows 10 Free Upgrade is not free for everyone!

The Windows 10 upgrade from Windows 7/8/8.1 is straight forward. However, it is intended for RETAIL licenses only. This is not immediately clear from the published Microsoft web pages on the upgrade but hints are in there! Volume license holders must get their upgrade from Software Assurance or by purchasing Windows 10 volume licenses. Readmore..

Community Support Needed

2 As you all know by now, Microsoft Windows is being changed to a radically different format with the new Windows 10. In particular this involves the mindset of storing everything on the cloud and accessing it from whatever device in whatever location – it even can mean carrying your computer on a memory stick in your pocket and booting Windows from your memory stick just as you have been able to boot GNU / Linux for some time now.

We not only help people learn how to use computer so they get and stay employed, we also provide Internet access for the public so they can drop by and check up on their email while they enjoy a cup of coffee or eat their lunch. To teach the use of this new Windows to the community, and to make it available for people who drop in to use in our lab, we need Windows 10. 3

And that is the problem: the “free” upgrade available to the public does not apply to public charities — we must purchase new licenses for Windows 10. Public charities buy donated product from for an administrative fee — it is not actually free but far less than retail, and we must still pay for it. In this case, $15 per license.

I am reaching out to all of you, my friends, today. You follow me on FaceBook and Google Plus. You love to argue with me, agree with me, or call me names. I’m good with that.

1Now Adult Life Training, Inc. needs your help. We need enough cash donations to purchase at least 10 Windows 10 licenses. That’s $150. If 10 of you could be arm twisted into giving $15 we would have it. I would really prefer to have 20 licenses because we occasionally have more
than 10 computers at a time (such as virtual machines or laptops used by staff) and we want to stay honest. If 20 of you could afford to part with $15 we would be home! And over 1,200 of you follow me on FaceBook and over 12,000 on G+.

Are there 20 people out there who are willing to part with $15 so that we can provide the current Windows to our community? If simple “kickstarter like” incentives, such as an email thanking you for your help or a mention on our web page or an embarrassing picture of me doing something you specify, would nudge you into giving, tell me what you want! I’m game, and listing names / pictures on our Partners page is good for us too! I think if its a really embarrassing picture it’d better be a really nice donation. I reserve final authority to decide just how embarrassing…

If you are able to help, there is a PayPal button at the top of the screen that will get to us. Just click and donate what you wish. PayPal takes 30 cents and then about 3% ( 3 cents on a dollar), so a $1 donation gives us 67 cents. From $10 we get $9.70. Or checks can be mailed to us at Adult Life Training, Inc., c/o ALC, 3301 EAST COLISEUM BLVD, FORT WAYNE, IN 46805.