ASUS XONAR DG PCI 5.1 Sound Card & Headphone Amplifier

DSCN3660Public Charity Adult Life Training, Inc. received a grant in January 2016, part of which permitted replacement of obsolete LAB equipment. Eight sets of ASUS main boards, DVD drives, and Monitors were purchased so they would all play nice together. The buildout is nice and can be reviewed here

The purchasing agent bought ASUS VS228H 21.5″ HDMI screens but no sound came out. A problem with mainboard drivers was suspected and ASUS technical specialists said that no driver would be produced for Windows 10 anytime in the foreseeable future, so the Public Charity must purchase eight ASUS XONAR DG sound cards to get sound to work. By this time the purchasing agent was suspicious and purchased only one card to try it first.

The technician received the sound card but never installed it because in the process he discovered that even though the monitors had sound controls in their menu, and a sound jack on the back, they actually lacked speakers. External speakers were purchased and the problem was solved. The Public Charity does not actually need the “needed” ASUS XONAR DG sound card and it is for sale here. The box has been opened and re-taped shut but the card never installed. The $20-25 was paid for the card, plus shipping. The Public Charity is asking $20 for pickup, or $20 plus shipping if it needs to be shipped somewhere. Office phone 11:00-4:00 weekdays, 260.432.0014 x128. cash, check, PayPal, etc.

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