I want this painted on my outside office wall – please, someone!!

At Adult Life Training, Inc. our mission – our vision – is to take people out of their comfort zone, out of their habits of generational social dependency, out of their contentment with handouts – is to take them higher into a new place they have never dared hope they can experience: a place where they have real job skills that are worthy of real pay that they earned, not that they hob nosed and manipulated their way into getting. Our job is to help them see themselves as something far more than they had ever dreamed they could possibly become.

This picture captures the spirit of what we do. My (thus far) unpainted office wall needs something that speaks the things that we do to everyone who walks by. I want this picture painted across the entire wall – a mural so huge it cannot be missed.

And Mr. Musk: thank-you for inspiring us all to soar a little higher with your vision to enable people to settle on other planets. You’ve come a long way from your childhood in South Africa. Iron Man would be proud. And maybe he would photo bomb this … just because, well because he can.

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