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Updated: 05/14/2017

Positions Closing: May 31, 2018

Environmental Manager 2, Title 5 Billing Coordinator: Office of Air Quality Opeerations Branch

This staff position serves as the Title 5 Billing Coordinator for OAQ. This position directly generates revenue for IDEM and is critical to maintaining adequate funding levels for continued operations for the entire Office of Air Quality. The position is responsible for issuance and collection of approximately $10-$11 million in invoices per year from Title 5, FESOP, SOSSA Coal/Gravel, and minor permitted sources throughout the state of Indiana. Position is vital to OAQ in that these fees are collected and used to fund all or in part the OAQ’s Permitting, Compliance, and Monitoring programs.

Positions Closing: May 30, 2018

Environmental Engineer: Office of Water Quality State Revolving Fund

This IDEM Office of Water Quality position resides within the State Revolving Fund (SRF) Loan Program and is managed by the Indiana Finance Authority. The position incumbent coordinates and assists with the review of the Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) required for funding from the State Revolving Fund Loan program. The incumbent guides the loan applicant and their consultant through the technical aspects of the PER for ultimate approval.

Environmental Manager 2: Office of Land Quality Hazardous Waste Compliance Section

This position serves as an inspector in IDEM’s Hazardous Waste Compliance Section. This program conducts inspections at businesses that generate, treat, store or dispose of hazardous waste or used oil. The inspector is responsible for assessing compliance at various types of facilities throughout the State, documenting the inspection findings and, when necessary, determining the appropriate action to be taken.

Positions Closing: May 24, 2018

Accountant 1: Office of the Chief of Staff Finance Division

Manage the paperwork and related processes for all Finance sections. Position works collaboratively with the Finance section supervisors to assess paperwork needs, processes, and records retention schedule for a wide variety of programs and entities, including Federal grants. Coordinate all Travel-related activities for the agency from the Finance Division perspective. Process employee reimbursements and travel. Review and analyze all invoices for accuracy and validity. Key vouchers into payables system for payment and disbursement of funds. Reconcile discrepancies, verify chartfields, and confirm invoices.

Senior Environmental Manager Supervisor 3: Office of Land Quality Operations

This is the Section Chief for the Office of Land Quality, Finance & Operations Section. The purpose of this position is to plan section goals and objectives and ensure those are met. The Finance & Operations Section is responsible for preparing the Office of Land Quality Budget and Spending Plans, tracking expenditures, preparing financial analysis, preparing requisitions for equipment and supplies, preparing grant applications, preparing contractual documents, as well as other operational needs of the office.


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Cook Out June 6

Pig cook out, author Klammnc from en.wikipedia


The Adult Life Training, Inc. (ALTi) cook out for our SCSEP Senior Aides will be June 6 in the parking lot. ALTi will bring der Hamburger patties und das charcoal. Lyn will bring the grill. Others are bringing pot luck stuffs – see Lyn for your assignment. Terry was going to bring getto burgers but his package of baloney is his survival cache and it is already three (3) weeks old, so no. Just. No.

DWD April Indiana County, City & MSA Employment Report

This just in email from Indiana Department of Workforce Development:
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For Immediate Release | 5/21/2018
Contact: Kayli Schroeder
Phone: 317-232-7358

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April Indiana County, City
& MSA Employment Report

INDIANAPOLIS (May 21, 2018) – Links to April 2018 employment data for Indiana counties, cities and MSA’s are listed below:

Employment Report (LAUS)
Labor Force Estimates for U.S., Indiana, MSAs, Counties, Cities

Ranking of Indiana Counties by Unemployment Rate
Indiana County Map with Unemployment Rates

Jobs Report (CES)
Seasonally-Adjusted Employment Table for Indiana
Non-Seasonally-Adjusted Employment Table for Indiana

Detailed Employment Listing – Statewide & MSAs

EDITOR’S NOTE: Per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), sub-state level data are not seasonally adjusted due to sample size. For example, over the course of a year, the size of the labor force, employment and unemployment levels, and other measures of labor market undergo fluctuations due to seasonal events including changes in weather, harvests, major holidays, and school schedules. Therefore, for more accurate comparisons, data should be compared to the same month from prior years, not the previous month, as to better account for non-economic factors.

The May 2018 Indiana Employment Report will be released on Friday, June 15, 2018, at 10:00 a.m. (EDT) and the May 2018 Indiana County, City and MSA Employment Report will be released on Monday, June 18, 2018, at 12:00 p.m. (EDT).

Passion Planners cheap today

Passion Planner

This is the company that donates planners for our Time Literacy program.This is a nice planner. Many people just live along, never even thinking about what they want out of life.

We teach time literacy and goal setting after participants complete Financial Literacy training. Financial Literacy and Time Literacy go hand in hand for success and a happy, fulfilling life. But most people have no prior experience with time literacy and no idea how to start. Angelia Trinidad says:

Analysis paralysis. That was the feeling that spiraled me into a strange, post-grad depression and the problem that I wanted to help people overcome.

I decided to make a tool that helped people clearly define their personal goals and dreams and put them at the forefront of their attention, a planner was the PERFECT solution. Passion Planner helps people break down their long and short terms goals into more actionable steps and gives them a place to incorporate these steps into their daily lives.




Farm Act in discussions now

Photo of Soybeans

Photo by Tim McCabe, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service. Young soybean plants thrive in the residue of a wheat crop. This form of no till farming provides good protection for the soil from erosion and helps retain moisture for the new crop.

The Farm Act has many components, including such things as Meals on Wheels and SNAP (food stamps).

Adult Life Training, Inc. has an interest because we serve as an (unpaid) Host Agency to train non-working seniors so that they get and stay employed in a real job paying a living wage without taxpayer financial support. We have provided this training as a free community service since 2003.

If your agency has funding in the Farm Act you might want to provide input to your representative’s office at this time. A big part of what is being discussed is removing unneeded or wasteful things from the Act.

If your agency uses funding from the Farm Act you may wish to provide data on how your funding is valuable to the taxpayers. These are two of the bills that I found on To find your Representative you can browse to and type your zip code in the box at the top right. To find your Senator you can browse to and click Senators / Contact  (use the drop down combo-list boxes across the top of the page to select your State or Senator.

H.R.4904 – Lessening Regulatory Burdens on our Farmers Act of 2018

To provide for the reform and continuation of agricultural commodity programs of the Department of Agriculture through fiscal year 2023, and for other purposes.

Latest Action: House – 02/08/2018 Referred to the Subcommittee on General Farm Commodities and Risk Management.

S.2749 – Agriculture Risk Coverage Improvement and Innovation Act of 2018

To provide for the reform and continuation of agricultural commodity
programs of the Department of Agriculture through fiscal year 2023, and
for other purposes.

Latest Action: Senate – 04/25/2018 Read twice and referred to the Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry.