2018 Budget Results posted

The 2018 budget has been reconciled and results posted at http://alt-fw.org/public/?page_id=5463. Mostly on target with some exceptions.

Year 2018 was interesting with higher than anticipated maintenance costs, coordination problems that resulted in fewer FPU classes, and of course from fewer classes fewer instructors paid and less expended than anticipated for FPU instruction. FPU materials also cost less than expected (in example, a FPU-Teen digital license cost $10, compared to an FPU membership $109), allowing funds from FPU materials to cover maintenance costs.

In year 2017 we hosted eight (8) FPU classes, but there were delays and problems coordinating schedules with another important organization, so in year 2018 we hosted only three (3) FPU classes, including one (1) using the new FPU-Teen material. In year 2019 we expect to host 10 (nine week) FPU classes (combined total of FPU and FPU-Teen) with much lower maintenance costs. Take a look for yourself and see.