Get One Give One now open!

Passion Planner LLC is the worldwide community of dreamers, planners, and achievers that donates planners to Adult Life Training each year so that we can better help people learn to take control of their lives: to overcome “analysis paralysis” to first understand what our passion is and then to go get it! Passion Planner is dedicated to helping everyone follow their passions. As a Get One, Give One company, every planner purchased lets them give one to someone in need. They partner with nonprofit organizations to support causes from education to preserving our planet.

Right NOW, Passion Planner is again accepting requests for donation of their AMAZING planners through their Get One, Give One philanthropy program. If you don’t already use a Passion Planner I recommend that you buy one!

If you cannot afford to buy the planner you need, then apply for Get One Give One!

If you would like planners for your tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization to provide to your clients, apply!

If you would like to give a planner to someone else when you buy your own planner, browse to the Kickstarter!

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This just in via email from Passion Planner, LLC.


In 2015, we launched the Get One, Give One program to help people live purposeful, passionate lives no matter who they are. For every planner purchased, we give one away.

Together, the #PashFam has delivered over 300,000+ planners to people all over the world. Whether it’s supporting people as they plan dream weddings and land dream jobs or helping others to reach their fitness goals and manage anxiety, each purchase empowers real people to achieve their dreams.