You can be poor, but you don’t have to stay poor!

The fact is, it doesn’t matter if you earn $1,200 a month or $20,000 a month, it is not how much you earn that causes the problem.

You may start poor (or be cash poor) but you do not need to remain poor. We know the way out because we have been there and got free. You can too.

The easy thing, of course, is to throw our hands up and say “we can’t change it, might as well just accept it”. The “man” will always hold us back. A poor man can’t get ahead. Everyone’s always going to have a car loan, a car loan is a way of life. Nothing we can do about it. This is all designed to make people give up responsibility for their own well being and thus surrender all hope – if we are “not responsible” for it then we cannot change it so we might as well not try. And nothing could be more untrue!!

Are you genuinely tired of never having any money?

There is a very practical, step by step, reliable way out, that has worked for many millions of families, and there are just seven simple steps that everyone can do!

If they continue to do these things they will continue to grow financially, and if they are young they will actually have a retirement fund and be able to live comfortably in their senior years with a bit of dignity and enjoy life and their grandkids.

It requires a personal decision to do it, with an attitude of accepting responsibility for solving our own problems instead of always blaming someone else and waiting for someone else to come save us. Because the fact is we make most of our own problems, and no one else has time or money to perpetually come save us!

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