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Borrowing for everything – just put it on the credit card – has buried most people in debt. Auto Loans! Home Loans! Student Loans! Line-o-Credit! Second Mortgages! We have been brainwashed to stay in debt forever!

Join the Resistance! Learn how to get and stay debt free: this financial peace stuff really works. It worked for my family and it will work for your family too.

June 7 through August 9, Mondays at 7:00pm EDT, Financial Peace University will show you how to win and stay winning with your finances. For FREE.  It costs you nothing for this $130 class! This is your time! Register!

Join this Financial Peace University class, and you’ll learn how to take control of your finances, beat debt, and make a plan for your future! Interested? To register FREE for the next class use the link Select any “payment method” because it doesn’t matter: this class is already PAID IN FULL by a generous grant from 3Rivers Federal Credit Union Foundation. You don’t get charged anything. I will receive an automated email that you are registered and then I will email to you a private link to connect with our site license.

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Your free membership to FPU includes your member workbook and a free year of Financial Peace Membership, with online tools created to support your journey, all underwritten by a generous grant from the 3Rivers Federal Credit Union Foundation. 3Rivers is Here for you: here for good!

Lesson 1 Baby Step 1 & Budgeting June 07
Lesson 2 Baby Step 2 June 14
Lesson 3 Baby Step 3 June 21
Lesson 4 Baby Steps 4, 5, 6, & 7 June 28
Lesson 5 Buyer Beware July 12
Lesson 6 Understanding Insurance July 19
Lesson 7 Building Wealth July 26
Lesson 8 Real Estate & Mortgages August 02
Lesson 9 Outrageous Generosity August 09