Jan-May 22 Financials Posted

January through May 2022 Budget and Year-to-Date financials have been posted. Wonder how much money we have? Wonder how we spend it?

Come and see.

Pending a discussion with our Board of Directors, we may be selling our very nice lab computers in preparation for the massive remodeling project upon which our chief donor (who provides our occupancy) is about to embark.

We have no idea what format our future ministry space will actually take at this time, so we are considering liquidating some of our good office computers and buying new when we know more about our future ministry space.  The computers are desktop (6-core 3.5GHz AMD, 8Gb RAM, SSD, Battery Backup, 22″ HDMI screen, speakers, mouse, keyboard).

We signed a contract in which we agreed that we can not transfer our Windows licenses, so the buyer will need to acquire Windows 10 to install their own, or use the free Mint/MATE Linux already on the PC. There may also be a 55 inch and two 30? inch HDMI LED/LCD Display/TVs available, nice five foot and four and one half foot round tables, and a bunch of fairly nice chairs, new Frigidaire refrigerator, microwave, Bunn coffee maker, and much (semi-new to antique) Coca Cola Kitsch. The office has a glass desk and two fire-proof file cabinets (2-drawer & 4-drawer legal), and  a just updated computer, screen, keyboard, mouse, battery backup, disk backup dock, etc. There is a multitude of miscellaneous office type items that could also want a good home for cheap.

Discussion with our Directors should happen in the next few weeks, and I will advise of the outcome here.