FREE Ramsey+ Membership to 94 Families so far this year

So far this year we have 94 people registered for Ramsey+ Memberships through our unlimited Ramsey Site License. Don’t be shy! Share with your friends today!


Site License is underwritten by a generous grant from the 3Rivers Credit Union Foundation. 3Rivers is here for you, here for good. Consider 3Rivers for all your financial needs!


Our FPU Members get Free Microsoft 365 license at Adult Life Training

We have available to us through a generous grant from Microsoft, a full Microsoft 365 license for each of our Ramsey+ Members. Microsoft 365 includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Yammer, and many other premium apps, including a link to download and install those apps on your phone, tablet, or desktop PC.

You must come in through our site license to participate, and you must actually at least occasionally use your free Microsoft 365 resources or the license will be reassigned to someone else. We also have a new domain to celebrate our financial journey, will redirect to this, our Yammer.

Once you are added you should receive an email from me with your login and password. You will be required to change the password the first time that you login.

If you need help please msg me.


FPU Yammer

Yammer is a private social network that helps employees collaborate across teams, departments, and locations. It is perfect for discussion and sharing in our continuing financial walk!  We receive our Yammer licenses through a generous grant each year from Microsoft corporation.

Each of our patrons who registers for a free annual Ramsey+ Membership through our Site License also receives a full Microsoft 365 account, and access to our Yammer discussion and sharing area.

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The best part? The whole membership is a gift from our public charity to you. 🌼PAID IN FULL🌼 by a generous grant from 3Rivers Credit Union Foundation.

Watch this video to learn about your FREE Ramsey+ account.

Watch this video to learn how to activate your FREE Ramsey+ account.

More information and links to our site license for one year of FREE Ramsey+ Membership, browse to Or use our QR Code.FPU QR Code

After you’ve created an account, save this link to use when you want to log in to your account: Next choose one of our classes – either on the Ramsey page after you are registered as part of our site license, or from the list on