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Sharehouse Liquidation Auction

As most of you are well aware, the Love in Deed Sharehouse provided well over 250 local charities with unsalable but usable merchandise from retailers to distribute to the poor. Access to toilet paper, plastic-ware, plates, paper towels, and other life necessities at 22 cents per pound made it possible for these charities to help people they otherwise could not afford to aid. We were one of those charities empowered to help the poor by Sharehouse. Love in Deed filled a significant need in our community.
A few months ago the distribution center which was collecting the goods and forwarding them to Sharehouse closed, leaving Sharehouse with no incoming goods to distribute. The Board of Directors finally decided that without a source of new goods, there was no point in continuing operations at this time.

There will be an auction to liquidate the remaining supplies and equipment that Love in Deed Sharehouse used. We deeply regret the loss of Sharehouse, and encourage all those who need warehouse equipment or fixtures, or can use some left over goods, to visit the auction site and bid on anything from which they will benefit.

John D. Nash, CEO
Adult Life Training, Inc.

Below is the link for the SHAREHOUSE liquidation auction. Tuesday, December 2 – doors open at noon for preview – Auction begins 3:00 PM. Please forward this information on to anyone you think might be interested!

Thank you


NOTE: Partial Listing of items listed for sale at the auction, as of today:

Items to be sold:

3-wheel electric stand-up forklift: Raymond DockStocker DSS350HP; Good condition with a good battery and Extreme Power charger

30 sections of pallet racking, misc. sizes and capacity; Will be sold in complete 2-, 3-, and 4- section units

Stanley Vidmar cabinet bases w/ powered utility desk tops