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Stats 2018

In year 2018 Adult Life Training, Inc. provided 4,900 hours training to 980 attending Senior Aides, who earned 28 certificates in basic computer job skills.

in year 2018 Adult Life Training, Inc. provided 176 hours of training in Financial Literacy to 88 attending citizens, training them with the knowledge and tools they need to get and stay out of debt, have three to six months expenses saved in advance in their emergency fund, and invest for their children’s college and their own retirement expenses. These free public workshops were underwritten by a generous grant from the 3Rivers Federal Credit Union Foundation. 3Rivers is Here for you: here for good. If you’re ready to start a lifelong banking relationship with a local organization you can trust, then 3Rivers is for you.

This represents an increase in persons trained from 571 in year 2017 to 1068 in year 2018, and from 2,318 hours in 2017 to 5,076 hours in 2018.

More details on Adult Life Training, Inc., it’s board members, and its social impact can be found on GuideStar at

Tax information concerning Adult Life Training, Inc. can be freely accessed from the United States Treasury Department page at or Browse to and POINT TO the large blue Charities & Nonprofits button at the top right of the page, then click the Item labeled “Tax Exempt Organization Search”. Enter “Adult Life Training Inc” to see all tax returns and data since year 2007.

SCSEP Senior Aides Picnic

We had a picnic today for soft skills training. Three kinds of sausage, burgers, some steak, ribs. We had a great time!

Indiana Government Jobs Open this Month

IDEM logoFROM IDEM jobs page at

Please register 24/7 at to apply for any of these open positions.

Updated: 05/14/2017

Positions Closing: May 31, 2018

Environmental Manager 2, Title 5 Billing Coordinator: Office of Air Quality Opeerations Branch

This staff position serves as the Title 5 Billing Coordinator for OAQ. This position directly generates revenue for IDEM and is critical to maintaining adequate funding levels for continued operations for the entire Office of Air Quality. The position is responsible for issuance and collection of approximately $10-$11 million in invoices per year from Title 5, FESOP, SOSSA Coal/Gravel, and minor permitted sources throughout the state of Indiana. Position is vital to OAQ in that these fees are collected and used to fund all or in part the OAQ’s Permitting, Compliance, and Monitoring programs.

Positions Closing: May 30, 2018

Environmental Engineer: Office of Water Quality State Revolving Fund

This IDEM Office of Water Quality position resides within the State Revolving Fund (SRF) Loan Program and is managed by the Indiana Finance Authority. The position incumbent coordinates and assists with the review of the Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) required for funding from the State Revolving Fund Loan program. The incumbent guides the loan applicant and their consultant through the technical aspects of the PER for ultimate approval.

Environmental Manager 2: Office of Land Quality Hazardous Waste Compliance Section

This position serves as an inspector in IDEM’s Hazardous Waste Compliance Section. This program conducts inspections at businesses that generate, treat, store or dispose of hazardous waste or used oil. The inspector is responsible for assessing compliance at various types of facilities throughout the State, documenting the inspection findings and, when necessary, determining the appropriate action to be taken.

Positions Closing: May 24, 2018

Accountant 1: Office of the Chief of Staff Finance Division

Manage the paperwork and related processes for all Finance sections. Position works collaboratively with the Finance section supervisors to assess paperwork needs, processes, and records retention schedule for a wide variety of programs and entities, including Federal grants. Coordinate all Travel-related activities for the agency from the Finance Division perspective. Process employee reimbursements and travel. Review and analyze all invoices for accuracy and validity. Key vouchers into payables system for payment and disbursement of funds. Reconcile discrepancies, verify chartfields, and confirm invoices.

Senior Environmental Manager Supervisor 3: Office of Land Quality Operations

This is the Section Chief for the Office of Land Quality, Finance & Operations Section. The purpose of this position is to plan section goals and objectives and ensure those are met. The Finance & Operations Section is responsible for preparing the Office of Land Quality Budget and Spending Plans, tracking expenditures, preparing financial analysis, preparing requisitions for equipment and supplies, preparing grant applications, preparing contractual documents, as well as other operational needs of the office.


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Pecuniam nummulariis non carborundum

Our two running Financial Peace classes are moving right along! Everyone is getting a better handle on their own life and some financial freedom! The Monday evening class is on lesson #4 tonight and the SCSEP Senior Aide class is on lesson #5.

According to British Lexicographer Eric Partridge, the phrase “Illegitimi non carborundum” originated from British Intelligence early in World War 2 “Don’t let the bastards grind you down”. It’s supposedly pigeon Latin but it spoke to that generation.

To speak to our generation, one inundated by debt to bankster buddies, we need a new motto. Let’s use “Pecuniam nummulariis non carborundum”. I’ll let you look that one up. Our next class starts  March 5.

Money is Fun! If you have some!

In the last 20 years or so as the economy has become worse and worse an increasing number of capable but poor young couples, single parents, and seniors have been made homeless. These people would work and support themselves if only they were permitted to do so. A huge part of this problem is debt, in particular student loan debt. Those who are still in their own homes are hanging on by a thread usually because most or all their income is lost to debt service. 

Picture of Poverty in Chicago, IL USA

Two youths in uptown, chicago, illinois, a neighborhood of poor white southerners.

Recognizing that this fundamental and preventable problem is so important is the motivation for provision of the free and open to the public Dave Ramsey Financial Peace training offered by Adult Life Training, Inc.

The next class starts Monday Jan 2, 2017  6:00-8:00PM and this is a great way to start a new year and a better life. A “Membership Kit” can be purchased from the Ramsey organization, but it is entirely optional.Here is a link to register for class or to buy materials to give as Christmas presents to those you love. 

picture with link to Google Map

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Interested people (or families, or groups) can also call Abundant Life Church at 260.432.0014 for additional information, to register, or to arrange training through your own church or organization.It’s bad but it’s not hopeless: none of us has all the answers but together we can do more than any of us can achieve alone.

Super Saving 01-02-2017 | 6:00pm
Relating With Money 01-09-2017 | 6:00pm
Cash Flow Planning 01-16-2017 | 6:00pm
Dumping Debt 01-23-2017 | 6:00pm
Buyer Beware 01-30-2017 | 6:00pm
The Role of Insurance 02-06-2017 | 6:00pm
Retirement and College Planning 02-13-2017 | 6:00pm
Real Estate and Mortgages 02-20-2017 | 6:00pm
The Great Misunderstanding 02-27-2017 | 6:00pm