IRS 2015 data on tax-exempt organizations



Exempt Organizations Financial Data

The Statistics of Income’s 2015 data on tax-exempt organizations is now available on Tax Stats. These data include financial data and other information from more than 600,000 Forms 990, 990-EZ and 990-PF filed by tax-exempt organizations that were processed by the IRS during calendar year 2015. The data are in ASCII space-delimited format. Supporting documentation is also available. See the IRS web site at

The extracts are in a space-delimited, ASCII format. Once you are one the official government IRS website, you will see their links to the data. This data is NOT a web page, but rather a data file. Right click. Save to disk. Open with your spreadsheet.

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Help Needed: Fund Financial Literacy

Smile courtesy of Jennifer, food courtesy of Jordan.

Smile courtesy of Jennifer, food courtesy of Jordan.

We have been successfully using the Ramsey Financial Peace University curriculum to teach financial literacy to the most under served and needy in the Fort Wayne / Allen County Indiana geography. The curriculum has been very well received by participants at our agency and we are ready for the next big step: providing the curriculum and training to other area organizations so that they can in turn take it to their clients.



Other area agencies are joining the effort

Several local organizations have come forward to participate with us in teaching this important life skill to get people off of welfare by effectively teaching them how to take responsibility for their own finances, some of these agencies provide Readmore..

Financial Literacy Grant available for our community agency staff

DSCN3563If your public charity or government agency would like to participate in Financial Literacy training for our local community, we have received a grant that enables us to make limited grants for staff training in Financial Literacy skills at our agency.

The grant is in the form of nine agency staff-only sessions not open to the public, one session per week, and uses the Dave Ramsey Membership kit with books, DVDs, and other related materials both in the kit and through proprietary web site access. The cost of the kit and web access is covered by a generous grant that we received in January 2016 from the 3Rivers Federal Credit Union Foundation.

If you are agency staff desiring more information then please call John Nash at 260.432.0014 x128. There may be more than one group depending upon how many staff want to participate, when they can meet, if some agencies need their own group, and other details. We reserve sole discretion to assign membership kits and training as we feel will maximize effectiveness in spreading Financial Literacy through our community. How many kits are available per agency depends upon how many agencies are represented, and if there is a shortage of kits then other agency staff may still participate just without receiving a kit. It is also possible to purchase kits on-line at the Dave Ramsey web site when signing up.

We do not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, color, national origin, and ethnic origin, or upon broader demographics such as religion, or political or sexual orientation. We do require all to be respectful of others and earnestly try to pass on the financial literacy skills to their own clients at their own agencies as appropriate in their own judgment. We are after maximum leverage.

Twenty Kits are available as I write this announcement. If more funding becomes available then we will be happy to purchase and distribute more kits. The cost of kit plus transportation in is roughly $102 ea.