But Where Do You Begin?


From a post on Google Plus by Carlos Corea:

We are living in a world populated on the extremes of wealth and/or poverty. Sometimes we feel sad for the less fortunate, but, most of the time, that is an emotional reaction that has the tendency towards charity, instead of directing our efforts for fixing the structural problem: the social structure allows and encourage the unequal distribution of resources, being extremely difficult to envision a formula for a better world.
While the wealthy congratulate themselves for being wealthy and blame the poor for being “lazy”, in every generation that inequity reproduces itself augmenting the social gap.

What can we do to ameliorate the fate of the 1 billion + of people who survive with less than $2/day?

Or, are we really content about the world’s situation?

And a comment by MissV LovingMe:

Not content at all but it’s such a huge problem where does one begin

Where do you begin? At home. On your street. In your town. It takes about two years of personal one on one mentoring, but it does work.

Or if you are uncomfortable doing the work yourself, help an organization that already is committed to this task: the Salvation Army, the local Rescue Mission, The Homeless Coalition of Fort Wayne, or a job skills company such as Adult Life Training, Inc. which teaches hard and soft job skills, for free. Volunteer your time, share material goods that you no longer need, or make a financial contribution consistent with your personal financial means.

The journey of 1,000 miles begins with one step. It is not hopeless unless you never begin. Call, email, or write to these organizations today so that you can get started changing your little piece of the world for better.

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