Re-programming and setup of the computers is moving along at its usual pace: the Windows 7 is now on all but the rack server — seven computers. This only took two (2) 10-hour days. Next we must install all the apps to run under Windows. Then ti will take about 30 minutes more and we will install Linux MINT / MATE 17.1 on the same computers. Linux is nice because I can configure all the Linux computers from my desktop at home and there is very little waiting on Linux, and no “you must reboot to apply the updates”.

But if you are going to run Microsoft Office 2010 you are forced to also run Windows. There are Mac versions of Office, but I am told that they do not run well and the only practical way to run Office on a Mac is to install VM software, install Windows in the VM, and then install Office. Of course if Adult Life Training, Inc. was rich enough to buy MACs we could find out.


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