Quad-Core AMD 2.5GHz Computer Available

Update 2016-04-25 This PC has now been spoken for.

Adult Life Training updated its maintenance computer to match the lab equipment. As a result we have one NICE quad-core AMD 2.5GiHZ machine available on a first come basis. Parts in the machine are about $300 used. Selling price $200. Proceeds go to the Public Charities’ operations (milk, coffee, toner cartridges, etc.) Details below.


Computer – used, AS IS, not including display

First come with money basis – $200.00

Check made out to Adult Life Training, Inc.

ASUS M4A785-M Main Board with SATA & IDE headers

    • Hybrid CrossFireX Support Boosted Performance with onboard GPU and discrete graphics card
    • HDMI, DVI, & SVGA Video
    • 1GB Network
  • Turbo Key ASUS Turbo Key allows the user to turn the PC power button into a physical overclocking button.
  • EPU-4 Engine System Level Energy Saving
  • HDMI/DVI/RGB Support
  • ASUS EPU Engine -Energy Efficiency & Noise Reduction
  • $90 on Amazon
64-bit AMD Phenom Quad-Core 9850 2.5GHz 125W L2-2MB L3-2MB Socket AM2+ CPU

  • ~$45 on Amazon
8GiB G.Skill DDR2 PC2-8500 (5-5-5-15) PK Series (8-layer PCB) RAM (2GiB x 4 chips)

~$200 on Amazon, realistically about $100