Get Paid to Help

mafia-dogIf you are thinking of new cell phone service, I recently changed and have had good results. If you would like to switch as I did, you can help me by using the link below: you will be paid $25 from the telco provider as a credit to your account. For me this means free cell phone service for 2-3 months. Your mileage may vary. They charge $6 per line per month, plus small amounts for usage (eg $3 per 100 texts). In addition, our founder, who has not been paid wages for 13 years so he can spend his time helping people here, will get $25 as well, credited to his cell phone bill.

This is a win – win situation IF you have a desire to change. If not, then just pass the word to those who do. And have them use the link below so that they do get the money.

Help a friend discover Ting and you’ll both get credit!

Refer a friend to Ting by offering $25 off a device or $25 in Ting credit. You get $50 for your first successful referral and $25 for each one after that.


When is a referral credit applied?

Your referral credit will be applied to your account after the person you referred pays their first bill or purchases any new or refurbished Ting device valued at $100 or more.

How does the referral credit work?

Share your personal referral URL with a friend. Make sure they click this specific link before they purchase a Ting device or activate their own device on Ting (BYOD).

How do I know my credit has been applied?

We’ll send you two emails: One when your referral link has been used, and another when your credit has been applied. The refer your friends and billing history sections of your account dashboard also display your successful referrals.

Can I open a new account, use the referral credit then merge accounts with the credits?

Sorry, no. We are not able to merge or transfer account credits. We suggest keeping your account with credit active until it is all used up. We can then merge the accounts for you, or you can do it yourself by closing one account and activating your devices on the preferred account.

I forgot to send my friend the referral link, can I still receive some credit?

In most cases, we should be able to help you out! Give us a call at 1-855-846-4389 or email and have your friend’s email handy. Briefly explain your situation and an Advisor will work on applying the credit to your account.

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