Hope comes when you have a real plan that will work

What if you could have hope for your life, including your finances? That’s what Ramsey+ is all about—giving you a plan and hope so you can experience financial peace. Adult Life Training, Inc. is providing Ramsey+ to all of our members so we can learn how to live and give like no one else. We bought a site license, so we already paid the $130 membership fee FOR YOU. Come for FREE.

I’m offering another FREE FPU training series at Adult Life Training, Inc. to show you how to get (and keep) the hope you need today, starting in March 2021. If you’re interested in learning more, send me a message! There is no cost to you because Adult Life Training, Inc. purchased an annual site license that already covers all of the class costs for you, just be there!

Your free membership to FPU includes your member workbook and a free year of Financial Peace Membership, with online tools created to support your journey, all underwritten by a generous grant from the 3Rivers Federal Credit Union Foundation.  If you’re ready to start a lifelong banking relationship with a local organization you can trust, then 3Rivers is for you. 3Rivers is Here for you: here for good!

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