They Need You!

The girl who’s panicking because her rent went up $200. The family who can’t afford basic groceries anymore. The guy who worked hard his whole life and planned to retire this year, but now feels like that dream is dying.

They all need your help. They need to know there’s peace at the end of the tunnel—and they can get there.

We get it—that’s asking a lot of you. You’ve been through inflation, stress and craziness this year too.

But we’re asking anyway. Because we know that if anything has made the Baby Steps impactful, it’s people like you who showed up to lead a Financial Peace University class week after week and encouraged people when they needed it most.

Will you help us help them? Will you volunteer to coordinate a Financial Peace class this year through Adult Life Training, Inc.?  We have a site license, so they can all receive their own Ramsey+ Membership, with all its resources, for FREE. We just need you to help. We need you to teach one class. In-Person or Zoom. At your location or ours.

Will you help? Contact me at

Site License is provided through a generous grant from the 3Rivers Credit Union Foundation.

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