It is reasonable for people to know how a charity is run to be certain that their giving is in fact going to to the stated cause. Although we do not normally “solicit” donations, other than through the donation box on the wall in our computer lab, we do provide a PayPal button for those interested in donating on-line, and we do accept donations of money and usable computer equipment when others approach us with the offer to donate.

We have operated since 2003 and incorporated Feb 2, 2004. We have been providing computer job skills training for almost a decade and all of the money or usable items donated goes to training, not salaries: we are still an all-volunteer organization. Our annual “budget” consists of occasionally buying markers to write on the white board in the computer lab, or paper or toner for the printers. Our financial accounting is considered public information and posted under “Money” on this site. Information relevant to our 501(c)(3) status is posted on this site under “501(c)(3) Info” along with information not required but that we consider helpful in maintaining transparency. Both of these pages can be viewed by clicking their link on the menu at the top of our web pages.

ALTi is governed by a Board of Directors composed of six culturally diverse voting members. Their information can be viewed in the About Us page under Our People, Board of Directors. This board must legally meet annually, but actually meets informally on at least a monthly (and sometimes weekly) basis.

ALTi is managed by its CEO who is also the President of the Board in tandem with an Advisory Board which does most of the work. The Advisory Board meets weekly on Wednesday at 2:00PM in room 136. Minutes are posted here.

Expenses for the Charity consist of nominal costs for office supplies, such as marker pens for the computer lab white board, occasionally toner cartridges or printer paper. On average, annual donations are about $200. Occasionally it has been necessary to hold a fund raiser to buy more expensive items, such as software licenses for Microsoft Windows or Office. A grant was received from the Verizon Foundation in FY2010 to purchase two 55: monitors, a computer system for the instructor leading the class, and a audio system. The quality of the computer was reduced and an audio system was added as many of the students are displaced mature workers who have hearing impediments.

The BBB has a List of desirable Standards for Charities. We have outlined the points in that list and how we fit here.