WordPress anti-spamming defenses

I was asked if WordPress recorded IP addresses in connection with the anti-spamming. Yes. There are a large number of “plugins” available to expand WordPresses capabilities, including screening new registrations and catching spamming. Here is a screen cut from one of my sites showing one of the reports.

Anti-Spamming report for new registrations.

Anti-Spamming report for new registrations.

You can click the thumbnail for a bigger look. There are many such reports. WordPress is a very robust platform to build your blog site.

I ran a test on the site to see if there were any privacy issues, and it came back that there are none. You can see that report also on the Privacy policy page (top menu). My policy is to not track honest people while preventing the criminals from making the site unusable with their disgusting spam or disclosing subscriber email addresses to them. Sometimes spammers will visit sites just to get a list of active email addresses, which they then abuse. The Chinese and Russians see nothing wrong with abusing freedom of information and openness that way — it suits their purpose.

We made a good choice

Microsoft likes WordPress well enough that they are switching their Live Spaces blogging functionality to WordPress.com and have sent their Live Spaces customers instructions in the latest Newsletter explaining how to migrate their blog to the new location on WordPress.

We felt strongly in favor of WordPress and saw a great deal of potential, which is why we chose it for our own blogging software: its anti-spammer features alone are a good reason to switch!
You can read more about it on jdnash.com at http://jdnash.com/2010/10/wordpress-chos…oft-blog-space